Feature: Questioning the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty System

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

TAKEO, Shigeki(J)
Feature: Questioning the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty System
A Reexamination of Japan-US diplomacy and the Japanese Diet Debate over the Introduction of Nuclear Weapons before Negotiations to Revise the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty: In Search of the Origins of the Secret Nuclear Agreement between Japan and the United States KUROSAKI, Akira(J)
An Examination of the Okinawan Issues under the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty System TAKEO, Shigeki(J)
A History of the “Re-entry Permit” in Post-war Japan, Focusing on its Application to Koreans CHONG, Yong-hwan(J)


Research Note
The Possibility of Collaboration between Support Organizations for Foreign Residents and Universities: A Case Study of Kawasaki-shi Fureaikan SHIOBARA, Yoshikazu and HARA, Chiyoko(J)
Translated Article
Dürfen Wir Kinder das Wahlrecht Vorenthalten? KIESEWETTER, Benjamin (übersetzt von TERADA, Toshiro)(J)
Lecturing in Israeli Universities on the Atomic Bombings and Japan’s Peace Constitution MARUYAMA, Naoki(J)
Book Review
Toshihiko Shiobara’s “On a Nuclear-Free World” NAKAYAMA, Hiromasa(J)
Yoshinori Murai’s “Islands, Ocean and Forests in Southeast Asia where I walked” SAITO, Yuriko(J)