The Barrier of Border/Nationality and Militarization

Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

Après moi, le déluge TAKAHARA, Takao(J)
Feature: The Barrier of Border/Nationality and Militarization
Deprivation and Securitisation of Nationality ARAKI, Osamu(J)
Rumors and Memories of an Island- Labor Migration,Clandestine Migrants and War FURUYA, Satoru(J)
Korean War and “Nationality” of Koreans in Japan(1947-1952):
Birth of “Chosen-seki” under the Japanese Alien Registration System
CHONG, Young-hwan(J)
The Dynamics of Union and Schism in Korean Church History SUH, Jeong Min(E)
Latin America against Neoliberalism YOSHIHARA, Isao(J)
The RTF Project by Lahu People of Law Chaw Village in North Thailand KOMATSU, Koichi(J)
The Record of the PRIME Conference
Foreward CHONG, Young-hwan(J)
The Situation and Issues in Scholarship of the Modern Korean History:
Focus on Korean Socialist Movement
LIM, Kyongsok(J)
The Comment from the Discusserr INOUE, Manabu(J)
The Respondence of the Presenter to the Discusser LIM, Kyonsok(J)
Book Reviews
MARUHAMA,Eriko, No More Fallout, Gaifusya, 2016 TAKAHASHI, Hiroko(J)
INOSE,Kohei, Village and Nuclear Power Generation:
Shimanto People who Covered up the Construction Plan of Kubokawa Nuclear Energy Plant, Rural Culture Association, 2015
CHONG, Young-hwan, “Reconciliation” for Forgetting:”Empire’s Comfort Woman” and Responsibility of Japan, Seorishobou, 2016 ISHIDA, Ryuji・ZHANG, Hongbo(J)