The Korean Peninsula


Language: (J): Japanese, (E): English

In Order to Retain Our Sanity TAKAHARA, Takao(J)


Feature: The Korean Peninsula
How can we overcome the Korean War?: Rethinking the History of the United Nations Command.
Introduction to the Symposium CHONG,Young-hwan(J)
The United Nations System and The United Nations Command LEE, Siwoo(J)
The Transformation of the Armistice Agreement System in Korea: The United Nations Command and International Politics in North-East Asia since the 1970s KO, Il(J)
Japan and the Korean War as a Colonialistic Conflict: The UN Command-Rear and the Participation of African States in the UN Command TAKABAYASHI, Toshiyuki(J)
Comment of Symposium
・The Comment from the Discussant SUH, Jae-Jung(J)
・ From the Viewpoint of Establishing a Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone UMEBAYASHI, Hiromichi(J)

Research Note

An Unforgettable Colony: Rethinking Guam in North Korea’s Nuclear and Missile Issues


Book Review

EGUCHI, Masaki, Beyond the Abduction Issue by DPRK Proposals for Peaceful Solution: Abduction, Human Rights and International Community, Shakai Hyoron Sha, June 2017

The Mutual Regulation between Subjectivity and Objectivity in Historical Perspectives:At the 80th Year since the “July 7 Incident” Broke out ISHIDA, Ryuji(J)
Book Review
KATSUMATA,Makoto,What is World Poverty and Disparities ?: Dialogue between Father and his Daughter, Gendaikikakushitsu,November 2016 SUN, Zhan kun(J)
ISHIHARA,Shun,Archipelago and University: Beyond Cold War Ideologies in Japan, Editorial Republica, March 2017 TAKEMOTO, Niina(J)