W. G. Aston's Annotations to the Rufubon Heike Monogatari

M. G. Watson

In an article in the last issue of this journal I examined the career of W. G. Aston (1841-1911) and his significance for Japanese studies and for the study of the medieval classic Heike monogatari ƕ in particular. Aston's A History of Japanese Literature (1899) was the first work of its kind by Western scholar, and pioneering in its scope even for Japan. His comments concerning the Heike are largely negative, but they must be seen against the background of critical opinion in the Meiji period when the Heike was no longer trusted as factual history, and not yet sufficiently appreciated as literature. [...]

International and Regional Studies 11, Meiji Gakuin Review 522 (March 1993):17-59.
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