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The Picture Of Our Trip

20 March 1999 (New York To Pace University)

1. At the Jhon F Kennedy Airport

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21 March 1999 (Pace University)

2. At the Pace Law School our Proffessor Yoshino took the picture of MGU Team Girl Member

3. Moot precompetition between Meijigakuin and Pace Univ
(1) All Members of Pace Law School Team with Professor Kritzer
(2) The picture of practicing Moot pre-competition (Pace v. Meijigakuin)

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22 March 1999 (Pittuburg)

4. Get together with the University of Pittburgh School of Law team, also with Prof. Ron Brand and Kevin Aschley At PAA.

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23 March 1999 (Pittuburg, U.S.)

5. All members of Meijigakuin University School of Law in front of Cathedral of Learning.

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29 March 1999 (Vienna)

6. The team members of Friburg University.(No.1)
(They have the Web Pages to introduce themselves. The link for thier pages is HERE)

7. The team members of Friburg University.(No.2)

8. The team members of Friburg University.(No.3)

9. The first argument in the last MOOT between MGU v.s Ankara (Turkey)

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30 March 1999 (Vienna)

10. All the team members of Meijigakuin and the arbitrator of the MOOT that day

11. The arguments between Technology University between Meijigakuin University

12. In the theater (Opera)

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31 March 1999 (Vienna)

13. Semi-Final
(1) No.1
(2) No.2

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1 April 1999 (Vienna)

14. Final

15. After the MOOT, the memorial party was held.
(1) No.1
(2) No.2

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