Foreign Study and International Exchange

The International Center supports and offers many sorts of international exchange activities aimed at enabling students to grow into individuals who can communicate without barriers with people having a variety of values and customs. These diverse activities include support for study abroad (both short- and long-term); welcoming of international students from overseas; planning of international exchange events; language classes to prepare for the TOEFL exam, etc.; and support for overseas volunteer work and internships. The study abroad program currently has agreements with 43 schools in 18 countries and territories. Each year a large number of students attend universities overseas to participate in long-term study abroad for a full year or in short-term study abroad during the summer or spring break. In addition, Meiji Gakuin University hosts over 200 international students from all over the world (both as regular enrollees and as exchange students). The buddy system, through which Japanese students provide support for international students by assisting them with their studies and other aspects of their life in Japan; the host family system, which provides opportunities for international students to experience everyday life in Japan; and a variety of events organized around exchanges with international students mean that students at Meiji Gakuin University can experience frequent international exchanges without even leaving campus. We urge you to participate fully in these programs and to find the style of international exchange that suits you best.

Message from the Director

Globalization is breaking down the barriers between nations. High-speed travel is easier thanks to airplanes, and the Internet enables information to go all over the world in an instant. Peoples, ways of thinking, and values are also becoming more unified. As students in such a world, are you able to find places where you can live and thrive as you wish? In the past the only way to experience life overseas as a college student was to study abroad. But now volunteer work and internships that enable you to come into contact with local people and communities, enterprises, and NGOs are another important means for international exchange. Today people with an understanding of a wide variety of peoples, religions, and cultures, and a willingness to take on the challenge of helping to solve the world’s problems, are in high demand. In the autumn of 2014 Meiji Gakuin University reorganized the Center for International Cooperation in Education (CICE) as the International Center (IC) as a first step in its efforts to foster truly global individuals.

Katsuhiro Harada Director, International Center

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Operations We support students who want to study abroad and International Students in our school.
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