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International business is conducted by overcoming differences in language, worldviews, and political systems in an economic environment that changes from moment to moment. To ensure that its graduates possess the necessary abilities to thrive in such a dynamically changing environment, the Department of International Business fosters the fundamental academic competence needed to understand the problems faced by corporations in a global market environment, together with international communication skills. The Department welcomes students who seek to demonstrate their initiative on an international business stage that is fast becoming borderless.

Department of International Business

What the Department offers

The Japanese economy could not function without being linked to the outside world. The Department of International Business seeks to cultivate individuals able to succeed in this global environment by offering students specialized business-related courses and programs to boost their foreign language skills.

Steadily master the foundations in small-group seminars from first year

In the first year, students take Foundation Seminars in small groups of around 25 in order to acquire basic academic skills. In addition to the faculty member overseeing the Foundation Seminar, several advanced students are assigned to offer students mentoring.

Study a well-balanced program of economics, business administration, and accounting finance

The program is made up of three fields that fuse economics and business administration. In the second year, students study the basics of the three specialized fields. From the third year, they select from three courses in line with their projected future career path.

In the second year, in principle all students engage in a period of overseas study in order to polish their language skills and experience international business

The Department of International Business is unique in offering students the opportunity to experience overseas study at a choice of 16 partner universities in Europe, the US and Asia. Focusing on different themes at each of these overseas study destinations, students conduct market surveys and gain a dynamic experience of international business. After their return to Japan, students complete a report on their overseas study experience and present their report in a workshop.

Gain a sense of another country in lectures given by embassy staff

Minato Ward is home to numerous embassies, and the Department of International Business Studies takes full advantage of our campus’ location by offering lectures given by embassy staff. In the 2015 academic year, lectures were offered by the Turkish Embassy.

Participate in a diverse range of programs offering an experience of other cultures, including overseas field work

In order to cultivate individuals able to think for themselves and reach their own conclusions based on surveys and research, the Department of International Business has prepared a diverse range of programs of overseas study. Students’ experience with academic research begins with questioning what they previously took for granted.

Participate in internships in Japan and overseas to foster a career orientation

In overseas internships, students put the skills and knowledge that they have acquired to use, cultivating a global career orientation through practical experience of work in an overseas environment.

Complete your studies in three years and enter graduate school using our early admission system

The Department of Economics has established an early admission system enabling students achieving outstanding results in their first three years of coursework to graduate from university in the third year and proceed to graduate school. This system enables students to earn a master’s degree in five years, and is highly regarded by private enterprises.

Four-year Program Flow

Foreign study

From the first year to fall of the second year: Before foreign study

Students acquire the ability to communicate in English through classes in business English taught by instructors from the British Council.

Fall, second year (3-6 months): In principle, all students participate in foreign study

By studying at one of 16 partner universities, students not only increase their language abilities, but also participate in a dynamic experience of international business by taking specialized classes from local faculty members, conducting market surveys, etc.

Third and fourth years: After foreign study

Students select a specialized program in line with their career plan, and work to increase their ability to apply their education. The Department also offers programs enabling students to deepen their studies overseas.

Specialized education

First year: Students develop fundamental academic skills required for the study of business

In the first year, students study a cluster of courses, including Introduction to Business, Introduction to Accounting, and Introduction to Trade, in addition to Outline of Economics and Law for Business, building a foundation for the study of global business, business management, and economics.

Second year: First contact with specialized courses, and cultivation of international perspectives

In the second year, students take specialized courses in the three fields of Management and Strategy, Accounting and Finance, and Trade and Industry. These courses emphasize the intellectual approaches suited to each discipline, in particular problem-solving from an international perspective.

Third and fourth years: Learn international business in actual practice

Students select one of three specialized programs, which feature special lecture courses and other classes enabling the student to explore their field of interest in greater depth. Classes are carefully devised to enable students to learn both theory and actual practice.

*1 A variety of programs are available to students from the first year, including English for Business Communication, which increases their English language skills, e-learning programs using the Internet, an English reading course to help students understand international business in English, and overseas field study programs.

Career Options following Graduation

Graduates of the Department of International Business are flourishing in a range of positions in diverse industries, having received an education that fosters global managers with a deep awareness of international business. The proportion of graduates entering the finance and insurance industries is high, with others spanning a wide range of fields including travel, transportation, logistics, commerce, distribution, fashion and electronics.

Ratio of candidates for employment by industry (Fiscal 2013-2015)