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In the Department of English, students extend their education in English, the international language, and develop greater understanding of and insight into foreign cultures. Through the study of culture and language, our students are able to work toward the realization of a variety of goals, deepening their understanding of humanity, investigating different ways of life, and polishing their ability to communicate internationally. The mastery of English requires consistent effort. The Department of English welcomes students who have the desire to enter the new world that lies beyond the labor involved.

Department of English

What the Department offers

Students possess a variety of motivations for entering the Department of English. Some wish to embark on a dream career, making use of a broad cultural education and problem-solving and linguistic abilities; others, motivated by an interest in British or US culture, might wish to read Harry Potter in the original language, or experience study abroad. The practical experience and detailed programs that MGU’s Department of English is renowned for will provide a firm foundation for each student’s future.

Students participate in seminars from the first year – Small-group learning ensures that students develop basic academic skills

The Department of English offers pre-entry courses for candidates who have successfully taken the entrance exam after being recommended by their senior high schools. These courses are designed to increase our students’ basic academic skills, enabling them to adapt smoothly to study at the university level. In addition, students are able to begin considering their course specialization from the first year, and to choose their preferred seminars on that basis.

Students hone their speaking ability and thinking ability in debates conducted in English

In the third and fourth years, we make available courses that involve an extensive focus on speeches, debates, and discussions in order to further develop students’ English-language proficiency. These courses will cultivate your ability to express opinions in English, in addition to fostering a practical ability in cross-cultural communication.

After basic instruction in literature and language, the program divides into three streams of specialized research

In their first and second years, students take basic courses in British Literature, American Literature, and English Language. In the third year, the courses divide, and students concentrate on specialized research. In the Literature Course, students study British and American novels, poetry, and drama, in addition to conducting multi-faceted research on culture in the English-speaking world that goes beyond the framework of literature. English language study is an academic field with a long tradition at MUG, and in the English Language course, students deepen their understanding of language and humanity by conducting scientific research in linguistics.

Students are able to benefit from overseas study in the birthplaces of British and American literature, in addition to overseas internships

We offer both short- and long-term overseas study programs, enabling students to study the history and value systems that underpin literature and culture in the countries themselves. Students are able to hear from others who have experienced overseas study programs at briefing sessions held within the Department. We also encourage students to participate in overseas internships that combine overseas study with internship.

Students are supported by graduates working as language educators

The Department of English has produced many educators, and our graduates participate in our English Teachers’ Association, hosting lecture meetings and offering reports on their activities. For students who desire to become educators, these activities offer a tremendous opportunity to hear reports from the field and to be inspired.

Students learn living English from our staff of almost 30 native speakers

36% of our classes are conducted in English, and students are offered basic training in reading comprehension, conversation, listening comprehension, and writing in a small-group educational environment. We also offer a diverse range of learning opportunities, including study via an online program, and classes conducted by means of video-conferencing with an Australian university.

Practical English-language education towards qualification as a junior or senior high school teacher

Taking our English language teaching-related subjects or our teacher training courses enables students to acquire licenses as English teachers, no matter which course they choose. Every fall we hold workshops for students seeking to earn teaching licenses, and our program has produced many educators of outstanding ability.

A unique English language curriculum that enables students to hone their English ability consistently throughout their four years of study

In the first and second year, we organize classes based on the students’ levels of proficiency, and work to increase their ability in the language with a focus on hearing, speaking, reading, and writing. In their third year, students are required to take our Academic English Skills course, enabling them to attain an even more practical level of English ability.

Four-year Program Flow

Seminar-style courses from the first year onward take students gradually toward a deeper level of specialization

In their first and second years, students take Foundation Seminar 1 and 2; in their third and fourth years, they take Third and Fourth-Year Seminars for their particular specialized courses. Specialized research is pursued against a backdrop of human contact between students and faculty advisors. In addition to our regular curriculum, we offer a variety of lecture series and study meetings that seek to prepare students for careers. We also offer students the opportunity to sit the TOEFLITP® tests, and provide online educational materials for extra-curricular study.

Career Options following Graduation

Meiji Gakuin has traditionally been renowned for its English language education, and the Department of English has produced numerous superb English teachers. Many of the department’s graduates excel as English teachers in junior and senior high schools, or as teachers in specialized language schools. Graduates also find employment with a wide range of companies in private enterprise, in areas including finance, insurance, services, the hotel industry, travel, transport and logistics.

Ratio of candidates for employment by industry (Fiscal 2013-2015)