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    Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 08:55:58 +0900
    Subject: [pmjs] Call for papers [FWD]

    Call for Papers: The 6th Annual Midwest Conference on Asian History and Culture [forwarded]

    The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio: May 4-5, 2002

    The Midwestern Conference on Asian History and Culture is an
    interdisciplinary conference organized by graduate students at the Ohio
    State University. Graduate students in any discipline are invited to submit
    papers on any time period from a wide range of fields including history,
    politics, literature, social change, gender, international relations,
    intellectual history, medicine, science and technology, and culture. The
    focus of the conference is Asia, encompassing China, Japan, Korea, South and
    Southeast Asia.


    Papers should be of twenty-minute delivered length. Complete panel proposals
    were welcomed but are not required. Full panels should be three-twenty
    minute papers or a round table format. Submit one-page abstract by FRIDAY,
    MARCH 22, 2002

    All participants should submit a written version of their presentation (up
    to 12 pages) by April 15, 2002. Keynote Speaker: Professor William Johnston,
    Wesleyan University (CT)


    To send a proposal: E-mail to Robert-Padilla:


    Or mail to: Robert Padilla

    Midwest Conference on Asian History and Culture

    106 Dulles Hall

    230 W. 17th Avenue

    Columbus, Ohio 43210

    Takashi Nishiyama

    Ph. D Student
    Department of History
    The Ohio State University
    Office: Room 322, 106 Dulles Hall
    230 West 17th Avenue
    Columbus, Ohio 43210, U.S.A.
    Office TEL: (614) 292-2216
    Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 21:53:37 -0500
    From: eiji sekine <>
    Subject: [pmjs] ajls news 15/call for papers



    Our apology for cross-listing. Printed copies of our newsletter will be
    available in a couple of weeks. A formatted electronic copy is available

    at our web site:

    Any inquiry regarding the association, its publications, and its call
    for this year's conference papers should be sent to the AJLS office.

    Eiji Sekine



    AJLS Newsletter
    Association for Japanese Literary Studies

    No. 15 (Spring, 2002) Edited by Eiji Sekine

    AJLS E Purdue University E1359 Stanley Coulter Hall E W. Lafayette,
    47907, USA
    765.496.2258 (Tel) E 765.496.1700 (Fax) E (Email) (Web site)



    Eleventh Annual Meeting


    October 4-6, 2002 Purdue University



    Last year at Boston, we had a wonderful tenth annual meeting, in which
    we ex-plored dialogues with Japanese American writers and native
    Japanese writers who live and work abroad. This association has always
    had the type of innovativeness that is ready to try new and different
    ap-proaches to understand and ponder over Japanese literature, Japan,
    and literature itself. Without contradicting this spirit, we would like
    to return, this time, to the basics of our interests in Japanese
    literature in such a way as to stress the beginning of our next ten
    years. We will come back to Purdue, a location where our activities
    started, and will feature the theme, "Japanese Poeticity and Narrativity

    Revisited," which recaptures the topics of our first and second
    meetings. We will examine the old and basic topics from new and
    different standpoints and approaches.

    Three keynote speakers from Japan have accepted our invitation:
    Professor Mizuta Noriko, a leading feminist critic and Josai
    International University President; Mr. Yoshimasu Goozoo a poet who has
    authored Oogonshihen (Golden poems), Ooku (Kingdom), and many other
    books of po-ems and essays; and Professor Kojima Naoko, a productive
    researcher on the studies of heian monogatari from Rikkyo University.
    They will provide us with broad and insightful ideas and perspec-tives
    in order to stimulate our discussions on this year's theme.

    Any papers dealing with Japanese poetic and narrative
    tradition/characteristics are welcome. We are particularly interested in

    discussing Japanese poetry and narrative in relationship with topics
    that have been less elaborated so far. Let us propose the following
    topics to consider: 1) Issue of translation: Japanese literature/culture

    has established itself largely internalizing mainstream foreign
    literatures/cultures through translation. What kind of new and different

    awareness/understandings of poeticity and narrativity have been added by

    translation practices? 2) Issue of comedic/playful literary tradition:
    While the mainstream literary values are centered around the tragic
    and/or melancholic quality of mononoaware and mujoo another tradition
    coexists in Japanese literature--Sei Shooagon's okashi, haikai's karomi,

    gesaku spirit's satirical/parodic humor, and modern humor from Sooeki
    through Inoue Hisashi, via Ibuse, Yasuoka, and others. What are critical

    impacts of these comedic and playful factors in the overall formation of

    Japanese poeticity/narrativity? 3) Examination of critical tradition:
    Japanese literature includes a variety of critical writingsclassical
    theories of poetry by Tsurayuki and others, Zeami's theatrical theory,
    hermaneutical practices in Edo by Jinsai, Sorai, Norinaga, and others,
    and modern criticism by Kobayashi, Etoo, Yoshimoto, Karatani, and
    Hasumi. What can we learn from these writings on poetry, monogatari, and

    literature? 4) Finally, the fundamental and general issue of literature:

    What are differences and commonalities of Japanese poeticity and
    narrativity, especially in terms of understanding the relationships
    between literary writing and visuality and between literatures
    fictionality/virtuality and re-ality?


    Proposal Deadline: May 1, 2002

    - Panel proposals and individual ones are equally considered.
    - Only the members of the AJLS are eligible.
    - Papers selected for the conference will be published in our

    Send your proposals to:

    Eiji Sekine, AJLS, Purdue University, 1359 Stanley Coulter Hall, West
    Lafayette, IN 47907, USA

    Tel: 765.496.2258
    Fax: 765.496.1700


    Japanese Poeticity and Narrativity Revisited

    DEADLINE: MAY 1, 2002







    Telephone: ______________________________Fax:


    Please attach a 250-words proposal to this form and send to; Eiji
    Sekine, AJLS, Purdue University, 1359 Stanley Coulter Hall, West
    Lafayette, IN 47907, USA.




    The Tenth Annual AJLS Meeting, "Japan from Somewhere Else," was held
    November 9-11, 2001, at Tufts University and Wellesley College. Eight
    guest creative artists provided us with enjoyable, moving, and
    thought-provoking reading/lecture sessions. Three conventional panels
    discussing elsewhere-ness of Japanese literature completed this
    innovative conference. The first attempt to dialogue with Japanese/Asian

    American artists proved to be particularly inspiring. This tenth
    anniversary conference was meticu-lously organized by the Conference
    Co-Chairs, Professors Hosea Hirata, Charles Shiro Inouye, and Eve
    Zimmerman, and their staff members from Tufts University and Wellesley
    College. All participants and audience members truly appreciated their
    thoughtful and generous efforts for this suc-cessful gathering.


    Annual Meeting

    An annual meeting is organized by an elected Conference Chair(s) and
    held at the Chair(s)'s institution. A call for papers is an-nounced in
    the spring issue of the AJLS Newsletter. A program of the meeting is
    published in the fall issue of the Newsletter.

    PAJLS Publication

    All papers presented during the annual meeting can be included in an
    officially reg-istered serial titled PAJLS (Proceedings of the
    Association for Japanese Literary Stud-ies).


    The annual fee is $25.00 for regular, student, and institution members
    ($35.00 for overseas members outside North America). Membership for
    2002-2003 provides you with:

    E Panel participation for the 2002 meeting to be held at Purdue
    University (if your pro-posal is selected).
    E Two newsletters
    E One copy of the proceedings of the year 2001 Meeting to be published
    in Fall, 2002.
    E One free copy of a back or additional cur-rent issue of the
    proceedings if you are a student member.

    Our publication activities depend on your membership support. If you
    have not yet joined us, please do so this time. Inquiries and orders
    (with checks payable to AJLS) should be sent to: AJLS, Purdue
    University, 1359 Stanley Coulter Hall, W. Lafayette, IN 47907, USA.


    Professor Michele Marra will host our 2003 conference at UCLA. If you
    are interested in hosting the AJLS meeting for the year 2004 or later,
    contact Professor Ann Sherif at: or 440.775.8827

    Japanese Literature Mailing List

    For subscription, send a message, "subscribe jlit-l" to: After being confirmed, you can send your messages


    A 2000 conference proceedings, "Acts of Writing," PAJLS, vol.2, has been

    published. See its table of contents on our web site:


    Back issues of the proceedings are available. Each copy is $10.00 for
    AJLS members and $15.00 for non-members. Orders should be sent to the
    AJLS office. (Add $10 for mailing if you order from outside the North
    American area.)

    E Poetics of Japanese Literature: vi + 207pp, 1993. Nine essays and
    addresses by Kawamoto Kooji and Watanabe Kenji.

    E Desire for Monogatari: vi + 133 pp, 1994. [out of print]

    E Japanese Theatricality and Performance, PMAJLS, vol. 1: v + 218 pp,
    1995. Eleven essays and address by Donald Richie.

    E Revisionism in Japanese Literary Studies, PMAJLS, vol. 2: vi + 336pp,

    1996. Ten es-says and addresses by Earl Miner and Taka-hashi Tooru.

    E Ga/Zoku Dynamics in Japanese Literature, PMAJLS, vol. 3: vii + 458
    1997. [out of print]

    E The New Historicism and Japanese Literary Studies, PMAJLS, vol. 4:
    xxiii + 432 pp, 1998. Twenty-four essays and addresses by Karatani Kooin

    and Komori Yoochi, with an introduction by Esperanza

    E Love and Sexuality in Japanese Literature, PMAJLS, vol.5: vi + 352
    1999. Twenty-seven essays and addresses by Saeki Junko and Inaga

    E Issues of Canonicity and Canon Formation in Japanese Literary
    PAJLS, vol. 1: vi + 532 pp, 2000. Thirty-one essays and addresses by
    Kubota Jun, Takahashi Mutsuo, and Suzuki Sadami.

    E Acts of Writing, PAJLS, vol. 2: ix + 428 pp, 2001. Twenty-two essays
    and addresses by Zdenka Avarcova and Ohsawa Yoshihiro.


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