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pmjs会員の方でアマゾン・ジャパン(から注文をなさる場合、どうぞここからアマゾンの検索をして、アマゾンのサイトへ入っ て下さい。ご購入金額の1%から8%のアマゾン図書券が編集の方へ還元されます。できますれば、これを「pmjs 日本語版」翻訳ボランティアのための幾ばくかの謝礼として当てさせていただきたいと思います。

Orders made through the search form and links here go directly to Amazon, with the usual discounts, but "referral fees" in the form of book tokens are credited to pmjs, and used to support list activities, specifically to reward the volunteer who now prepares a translation into Japanese of the pmjs日本語版  sent out to academic subscribers in Japan.


The links below are for browsing site, English-language books (left) and Japanese-language books.

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The pmjs list is an Associate of and, and a Partner/Partenaire of (Germany) and (France). There are quick search page for each affiliate on this site.

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  • Amazon has a page of information about the Amazon Associate system. Information for pmjs members was circulated on the list, and is also summarized in an old FAQ.

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