Bibliographies by topic

The web pages of the pmjs mailing list include a number of bibliographies in html format. For certain topics I am indebted to pmjs colleagues who have sent bibliographical information by e-mail. I would now like to build up a collection of bibliographies to kept online, in word processor format. Feel free to download, and make your own annotations or additions. And return the compliment by sending in bibliographies of your own.

The following bibliographies will soon be put on line:

Kabuki bibliography [Word] [pdf]
[received 2001.01 from David Pollack (Rochester)]
Noh bibliography [Word] [pdf]
[received 2001.01 from David Pollack (Rochester)]
Otogizoshi bibliography [Word] [pdf]
[received 1999.11 from Roberta Stippoli (Stanford) ]

"Word" indicates Microsoft Word format.

PDF and Nisus file formats to follow.

More bibliographies are welcome, on these or other topics relevant to this list. The most convenient way for me to receive bibliographies is by an attachment in either Microsoft Word (Windows or Mac) or Nisus (Mac) format. I leave the choice of which bibliographical standard to use up to you. Format as usual. If you mark "long" (double) vowels in Japanese, though, please use circumflex rather than macron (there being no standard way of producing the macron).

I would also welcome comments on and suggestions for the online bibliographies:

  • alphabetical list of classical Japanese works
    translations - studies - electronic texts
    part 1: up to 1600 (
  • Check-list of translations of Noh plays in alphabetical order
    with bibliography (~pmjs/biblio/noh-trans.html)
  • alphabetical list of classical Japanese authors
    a start only, but including Edo-period writers
  • In compiling the translation database (the first link above), I received many valuable suggestions. For a list of the many pmjs members and non-members who pointed out errors and omissions, see Acknowledgements.


    Michael Watson <>

    You may be want to examine the Adobe pdf format in your browser window before deciding whether to download. .(Click "pdf" to see whether you already have Acrobat Reader installed. If not, you can download it free. More info.)