alphabetical list of classical Japanese works
translations - studies - electronic texts
part 2: works dating between 1600-1856

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  • Fukui Univ. (classical text files)
  • Kikuchi Shin'chi's list
  • Frequently mentioned works (e.g. Keene, Anthology) are cited in abbreviated form as are titles of some journals and series (e.g. MN for Monumenta Nipponica). See introductory page for other abbreviations.

    Version without kanji. For version with Japanese titles see

    Chikusai Monogatari

  • Putzar, Edward. "Chikusai Monogatari." MN 16.1-2 (1960): 160-195. [partial translation]
  • Dainihonshi

  • 397 vol. history. Compiled 1657-1906 by Tokugawa Mitsukuni and others.
  • Benl, Oscar/Hammitzsch, Horst. Japanische Geisteswelt. Baden-Baden:
    Holle 1956, p. 271-272. [transl. of Introduction]
  • Webb, Herschel. The thought and work of the Early Mito School. Ph.D.,
    Columbia University, 1958, p. 145-147 (Jingu), 148-157 (Chuai), 157-161
    (Ojin), 172-174 (Tenchi), 175-185 (Otomo), 185-193 (Tenmu), 211-260
  • Dochu hizakurige

  • sharebon (1802-3) by Jippensha Ikku (1766-1831)
  • Jippensha, Ikku. Shank's Mare: Being a Translation of the Tokaido Volumes of Hizakurige, Japan's Great Comic Novel of Travel and Ribaldry, Faithfully Rendered into English by Thomas Satchell. Tokyo: Tuttle, 1960. []Thomas Satchell's translation
    of the Tokaido section of Hizakurige was published by subscription
    in Kobe in 1929.]
  • Hankanpu (Hankanfu)

  • history compiled by Arai Hakuseki, 1702
  • Hammitzsch, Horst. "Geschichten aus dem Hankampu von Arai Hakuseki." Nippon 8 (1942), p. 28-36. [partial transl.]
  • Inu makura

  • Putzar, Edward. "Inu Makura: The Dog Pillow." HJAS 28 (1968): 98-113.
  • Nihon gaishi

  • history compiled by Rai San'yo, first published 1836-7.
  • Selections tr. Burton Watson in Japanese Literature in Chinese, vol. II (1976), 121-170. [check page nos.]
  • Ogura, Yemon: "Histoire independante du Japon," in Memoirs de la
    Societe des etudes japonaises
    1 (1877), p. 5-40; 4 (1885), p. 21-34,
    115-136; 5 (1886), p. 48-60; 7 (1888), p. 19-56; 8 (1889), p. 20-38, 94-103.
  • Turrettini, Francois. Histoire des Taira, tiree du Nit-pon gwaishi. Geneve: H. Georg, 1874-75.
  • Nihon odai ichiran (1652)

  • Titsingh, Isaac (et. al.) Nipon o daiitsi ran, ou Annales des empereurs du Japon, traduites par M. Isaac Titsingh, avec l'aide de plusieurs interpretes attaches au comptoir Hollandais de Nagasaki, ouvrage revu, complete et corrige sur l'original japonais-chinois, accompagne de notes, et precede d'un apercu de l'histoire mythologique du Japon. Paris: Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland, 1834.
  • Taisei santenko (1848)

  • Gerstenberger, Werner, Walter Giesen, and Cornelia Nuetzel. Taisei santenko. Bochum, 1969. [complete German tr.]
  • Tokushi yoron

  • History (1712) by Arai Hakuseki
  • Ackroyd, Joyce. Lessons From History: The Tokushi Yoron by Arai Hakuseki.
    University of Queensland Press, 1982.
  • Kemper, Ulrich. Arai Hakuseki und seine Geschichtsauffassung.
    . Harrassowitz, 1967. [German tr. of many passages]
  • Ueda sodo jikki (after 1762)

  • Bix, Herbert P.: "An account of the peasant uprising in Ueda fief", in:
    Yokoyama, Toshio (ed.): Uedahan nomin sodoshi. Ueda/Nagano: Heirindo shoten,
    1981, p. 214-238. [complete]