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The 6th Anual International Commercial Arbitration Moot is held from March 26 through April 2 1999 in Vienna. We have prepared our arguments for the moot since October 1998 step by step hoping to join it. Our study results are still not rich because we had started from almost nothing. We are now going to depart for the travel to Vienna in order to attend the moot. We would like to broadcast our study results on this page in spite of their poorness in order to promote inter-colledge communications. We would like to also report our travel.

These pages below include the fact of problem given by the arbitration moot center in Vienna, our memorandum for the claimant as well as respondent which are our study results and sent already to the moot court, the introduction of our team, the plan and reports of our travel and some links which are related to the moot.

We know that we have to study much more the CISG as well as arbitration rules to do good jobs at this international arbitration moot. We believe that we have done our best under restricted circumstances, restricted resources and time. We hope that we will be able to learn much through the travel for Vienna and in Vienna. We do hope that we will have many friends through it. We are very looking forward to seeing you through the travel and/or hearing from you via e-mail.

(This comment was written by Tomonori Misawa, the Editor of these pages and one of the members of Meijigakuin team for Vienna, on 2 March 1999)



The Problem

Our Memorandum of Claimant

Our Memorandum of Respondent

Our Speech in Vienna

About Our Team

Our Plan of the Travel

Our Records of the Travel

Our Picture of the Travel



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