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published in 2005

Bowring, Richard. The Religious Traditions of Japan 500–1600. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005, 463 pages.
CUP description and TOC.

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published in 2004

Bloom, Harold. The Tale of Genji. Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations. Chelsea House Publications, 2004.
[reprints articles about Genji monogatari by Donald Keene, Doris G. Bargen, Richard Bowring, Norma Field, Amy Vladeck Heinrich, Amanda Mayer Stinchecum, Ivan Morris, H. Richard Okada, Experanza Ramirez-Christensen, Royall Tyler, Haruo Shirane, John R. Wallace.]

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REV: Lynne K. Miyake, MN 60:2 (Summer 2005)

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REV: Gerald Groemer, MN 60.1

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Paperback edition (2004).

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published in 2003

Carter, Steven D. , ed. and trans. Just Living: Poems and Prose of the Japanese Monk Tonna. New York: Columbia University Press, 2003, 243 pp. [info][Japan Times review by Donald Richie]
REV: Linda H. Chance, MN 59.3 (Autumn 2004)

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REV: Midorikawa Machiko, MN 59.4 (Winter 2004)

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Mostow, Joshua S., Norman Bryson, and Marybeth Graybill, eds. Gender and Power in the Japanese Visual Field. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, June 2003. Includes Chino Kaori's classic essay "Gender in Japanese Art."
REV: Allen Hockley, MN 59.2 (Summer 2004)

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REV: Christine M. E. Guth, MN 59.1 (Spring 2004)

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published in 2002

Beichman, Janine. Embracing the Firebird: Yosano Akiko and the Birth of the Female Voice in Modern Japanese Poetry. Hawaii: U of Hawai'i Press, 2002. [online index of English translations]

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See online Table of Contents.

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Hibbett, Howard. The Chrysanthemum and the Fish: Japanese Humor since the Age of the Shogun. Kodansha International, 2002. [info.]
REV: Richard A. Gardner, MN 57.4

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REV: Roselee Bundy, MN 57.4

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Lamers, Jeroen Pieter. Treatise on Epistolary Style: Joao Rodriguez on the Noble Art of Writing Japanese Letters. Ann Arbor: The Center for Japanese Studies,The University of Michigan, 2002. ISBN 1-929280-11-4. [now available]

Pigeot, Jacqueline. Femmes galantes, femmes artistes dans le Japon ancien, XIe-XIIIe siècle. Bibliotheque des histoires. Paris: Gallimard, 2003. 373 pages.
REV: Ivo Smits, MN 60:3 (Autumn 2005)

Scheid, Bernard. Der Eine und Einzige Weg der Götter: Yoshida Kanetomo und die Erfindung des Shinto. Vienna: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2001. See link for English abstract.
REV: Mark Teeuwen, MN 56.4 (Winter 2001)

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published in 2001

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Field, Norma. The Splendor of Longing in the Tale of Genji [Paperback reprint of important study published in 1987 from Princeton U.P., out of print for some years.]

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REV: Andrew Goble, MN 59 (Winter 2004)

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REV: Anne Wathall, MN 57.2 (Summer 2002)

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REV: Royall Tyler, MN 59.3 (Autumn 2004)

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REV: Donald F. McCallum, JJS 28.2 (Summer 2002).

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REV: Galen Amstutz, JJS 27.2 (Summer 2001): Mark L. Blum, MN 56.1 (Spring 2001).

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REV: Sonja Arntzen, JJS 28.1 (Winter 2002).

Tyler, Royall. The Tale of Genji. New York: Viking, 2001.
* see translator's essay and more on Putnam Penguin site. On this site: chapter titles and other resources

published in 2000

Adolphson, Mikael S. The Gates of Power: Monks, Courtiers and Warriors in Premodern Japan. University of Hawai'i Press, 2000. 472 pp.
REV: Thomas Keirstead, JJS 27.2 (Summer 2001)

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REV: Steven Heine, JJS 27.2 (Summer 2001)

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REV: Klaus Antoni, JJS 27.2 (Summer 2001): Fabio Ravelli, MN 56.2 (Summer 2001).

Ehmcke, Franziska, and Heinz-Dieter Reese, ed., Von Helden, Mönchen und schönen Frauen: Die Welt des japanischen Heike Epos. Köln [Cologne]: Böhlau, 2000. 188 pp. ISBN 3-412-044970. *Contributors: Roland Schneider (Heike monogatari as literary work), Joerg Quenzer (Buddhist background), Ingrid Fritsch (history of biwa recitation in Japan), Heinz-Dieter Reese (musical structure of Heike recitation), Ueda Junko (Tsuruta Kinshi's style of satsuma biwa music), Franziska Ehmcke (Heike motives in visual art), Reese (five episodes in parallel text format [details]). *The first collection of essays in a Western language devoted to the HEIKE and its reception.

Enchi, Fumiko. A Tale of False Fortunes. Tr. Roger K. Thomas. University of Hawai'i Press, 2000.160 pp *Translation of Namamiko monogatari (1965), a retelling of an episode in the Heian work Eiga monogatari [For more details, see abstract on page at press.]

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REV: Edward Kamens, JJS 27.2 (Summer 2001); Rein Raud, MN 56.2 (Summer 2001).

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published in 1999

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--> see Shirane and Suzuki, eds. Inventing the Classics (2001) for related English collection of papers from same conference.            

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REV: Karl Friday, JJS 27.2 (Summer 2001)     

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published in 1998

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published in 1997

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published in 1996

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