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    Library collections, library searches, guides

  • NACSIS Webcat: search of J university libraries (J/E)
  • National Diet Library - search (国会図書館)
  • Library of Congress: search page
  • British Library - BL's guide to Japanese online catalogues
  • SOAS Library (London)
  • East Asian Libraries Co-op (Ohio State)
  • UK Japanese Union Catalogue (英国日本語出版物総合目録)
  • Duke guide to printed resources on Japan
  • Electronic texts: Japanese except for JTI all require Japanese display

  • Japanese Text Initiative (Virginia)
  • Electronic Texts of Pre-modern Japanese Literature (Satoko Shimazaki/Columbia)
  • Noh text project (謡曲三百五十番集入力) Hangyo bunko
  • sites by the following scholars contain downloadable premodern texts or links to same
  • M. Shibata (Meisei Univ.)
  • A. Okajima (Fukui Univ.)
  • S. Kikuchi (Konan Women's)
  • H. Namihira (Meio Univ.)
  • Y Hagiwara (Komazawa Univ.)
  • Aozora bunko look under "sa" for Sarashina nikki... Expanded book format is very readable.
  • Kundoku Man'yoshu
  • Electronic texts: General and non-Japanese

  • Oxford Text Archives: search for "Genji" E-texts of Seidensticker trans. and NKBZ (Shogakukan) text.
  • Gutenberg: no Meiji translations as yet, to my knowledge. Hearn is as close as one gets.
  • Labyrinth Library: See what the "other" medievalists have done and grow green with envy...
  • CETH - Directory of Electronic Text Centers
  • Online bookshops

  • Duke's list of bookstores in Japanese (Asian) studies (K.K.Troost)
  • compares prices for dozens of online booksellers; used books too
  • (US), -- see FAQ concerning Amazon links on this site.
  • Asian Rare Books (New York): Japan Booklists
  • Barnes & Noble Out of Print and Used Book--always worth checking
  • Blake's Books: Fine Used Scholarly Books
  • Powell's Books: competitive prices, electronic books also
  • TRC info. on J books in print (J)
  • book-Kanda: second-hand J book search (J)
  • Books in other languages: German ( | French (
  • Associations, institutes, conference organizers

  • * Institutes and Programs in the United States, Australia and Europe (Duke's list)
  • AAS: Association for Asian Studies
  • AISTUGIA: The Italian Association for Japanese Studies NEW SITE (2003.03-)
  • AJLS: Association for Japanese Literary Studies
  • American Oriental Society
  • ASAA: Asian Studies Association of Australia
  • ASCJ: Asian Scholars Conference Japan
  • Asia Society (New York)
  • Asiatic Society of Japan (日本アジア協会)
  • ATJ: Association of Teachers of Japanese
  • Berkeley (UC) Institute of East Asian Studies
  • Cambridge University, Oriental Faculty
  • Columbia University: Institute for Medieval Japanese
  • Dijtokyo: German Institute for Japanese Studies (Tokyo)
  • EAJS: European Association for Japanese Studies
  • German institutes of Japanese studies: Cologne | Hamburg | Heidelberg | Munich
  • Graduate Programs in Asian Philosophy and Religion (Dr. Charles Muller)
  • Harvard Univ.: overview of Asian programs
  • Historiographical Institute (Hensanjo, Univ. of Tokyo)
  • Humanities Web sites in Japan (Prof. Goto Hitoshi/Tohoku Univ.) J/E
  • IIAS, International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden
  • Institute of Oriental Culture (Toyo Bunka Kenkyujo), University of Tokyo (J/E)
  • Japan Foundation (includes backnumbers of Japan Book News)
  • JS Net Forum - Japanese Studies Network Forum
  • Michigan: Center for Japanese studies
  • Monogatari kenkyukai (物語研究会)
  • National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies (Indiana)
  • National Language Research Institute (Japan)
  • Nichibunken: International Research Center for Japanese Studies (J/E)
  • NIJL: National Institute of Japanese Literature/Kokubungaku kenkyu shiryokan
  • Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (Denmark)
  • OAG Tokyo (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Natur- und Voelkerkunde Ostasiens)
  • Oxford University, Institute of Oriental Studies
  • Societe des Etudes Japonaises de Tokyo (SEJT)
  • Union List of Japanese Serials and Newspapers (Ohio State): very helpful
  • Journals, publishers, academic resources online

  • Full text of backnumbers of many journals now available online to JSTOR subscribers. Check your library for details. "Five year moving wall"--i.e. issues up to 5 years ago are available. When possible the webpage given for JSTOR below is for the journal in question.
  • TOC = table of contents
  • Asian Theatre Journal (Hawaii). TOC from 1994. Article abstracts.
  • Asiatische Studien (Switzerland)
  • Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS): Coverage from 1971. Institutional OR individual membership.
  • Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies - TOC online
  • Carfax co: contents pages for academic journals by e-mail
  • Cornell East Asia Series website. Now possible to order securely online
  • Curzon Press. (Link is to "Books on Japan" page)
  • East Asian Buddhist Studies: a Reference Guide (Robert Buswell, rev. William Bodiford)
  • Electronic Journals in Asian Studies (ANU/Australia)
  • Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies: Backnumbers from 1936 on JSTOR (5 year wall). Index only for JSTOR subscribers.
  • Ingenta: (formally UnCover) search for academic papers by author, title, keyword.
  • The Journal of Asian Studies: Table of contents and feature articles from vol. 60.1 (Feb. 2001). Backnumbers from 1941 on JSTOR.
  • The Journal of Japanese Studies: online author index for vol. 1- (from Autumn 1974). Online table of contents--including book reviews--from Volume 24, Number 2 (Summer 1998).
  • Michigan: Publication Program of the Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan
  • Monumenta Nipponica. Backnumbers from 1938 on JSTOR (5 year moving wall). Index of book reviews (from 54.4, Winter1999). The MN site can be searched from the pmjs top page.
  • Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
  • NOAG: Nachrichten der Gesellschaft fuer Natur- und Voelkerkunde Ostasiens (Hamburg). Table of contents online from 1991. Full text of book reviews (German).
  • Oriens Extremus (Hamburg). TOC online from 33. Jahrgang, 1990, Heft 1.
  • Project Muse: Scholarly Journals Online
  • The Romanian Journal of Japanese Studies
  • UMI (dissertations)
  • Individuals' pages

    See these both for content and for ideas about how to use web pages for research and teaching in Japanese studies. Only pages of premodern/early modern interest included here.

  • Oskar Benl (1914-1986): A three-page tribute to the German scholar and translator
  • Lewis Cook (Queens College, CUNY) Text and commentary on Kokin Wakashu at Japanese Text Initiative
  • Steven D. Carter (University of California, Irving). "The Tale of Genji and its Reception."
  • Anthony Chambers (Wesleyan). Again, link to a course on Genji.
  • Janet R. Goodwin (Medieval Japanese history) Research description, list of publications...
  • Wolfgang Michel (Kyushu Univ) Database on Engelbert Kaempfer (1651-1716)
  • A. Charles Muller (Toyo Gakuen Univ.) "Resources for the study of East Asian languages and thought"
  • Morgan Pitelka (Sainsbury Institute) links, ceramics, directory of grad. students in premodern studies
  • Kenneth L. Richard (Siebold University in Nagasaki). Genji, waka, monogatari, kanbun...
  • Roland Schneider (Univ. of Hamburg). Detailed bibliography
  • Michael Watson (Meiji Gakuin Univ.) Heike & Genji studies, noh.
  • X. Jie Yang (Calgary): kanaClassic, emaki reader...
  • Mailing lists in Japanese studies

  • The Early Modern Japan Network: now "compiling a directory of early modern Japan specialists (roughly late sixteenth to mid-nineteenth century) from all disciplines" (Philip Brown)
  • H-Japan. Broad in scope but well-monitored.
  • jlit-l (Japanese literature): send the message "Subscribe jlit-l" to
  • Lists and Listserv Addresses for Japanese studies (Duke)
  • Japanese museums on internet, art/culture links

  • Duke guide to online museums
  • Watson's list of museums in Tokyo area
  • lists: public museums (J) | private museum (J)
  • good websites: Nezu | Suntory
  • National museums links (Rekihaku)
  • Chinese and Japanese Art History Virtual Library
  • Bibliography of Japanese art by Sylvan Barnet and William Burto
  • Kabuki at Tokyo Kakuki-za, National Theatre (current schedule)
  • Kanze homepage (of Yarai Noh Theatre, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
  • Japanese language / reference / computing in Japanese

  • KanaClassic: info. about CD-ROM for learning to read hentaigana (E)
  • AsianDoc/C.Chu: Internet Reference Tools for East Asian Studies (E)
  • Mojikyo Net: Specialists need more kanji characters than JIS can provide. Mojikyo meets this need. Their gif and true type fonts now available on CD-ROM. I've tested it and it works: 90,000 characters (CJK) at your command. Excellent search engine.
  • Shodouka: Japanese mail/WWW without Japanese on your computer--back on net again
  • Nihongo to moji code: clear Japanese explanation (Kanzaki)
  • Play eKanji: put in Morohashi number, get an image of the kanji

  • General interest. For students, non-specialists

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