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As any site grows, it can become harder to navigate. This chart lists the main pages on the pmjs site. Main pages or sections given in bold. Updated 2002.09 but still not complete.



~pmjs/archive/1999 (messages exchanged in 1999)
(for more details see archive.html)

~pmjs/archive/2000 (messages exchanged in 2000)
(for more details see archive.html)

~pmjs/archive/2001 (messages exchanged in 2001)

~pmjs/archive/2002 (messages exchanged in 2002)

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Monthly logs of pmjs exchanges, open to pmjs members only. Contact editor for log-in and password. Lightly edited only. For threads which have been publicly archived see above (or archive.html).


For general introduction to this section see papers.html.


For general introduction to this section see resources.html.


version of translation database (see below) WITHOUT kanji and WITH diacritics. The reason for having this version is that ISO encoding permits these pages to be searched by ATOMZ

  • studies.html
  • trans-index.html
  • trans.html - portal to frame version
  • trans00.html
  • trans02.html
  • trans_0.html
  • trans_1.html - lefthand frame (list of romanized titles)
  • trans_af.html - first of the right-hand data frames (titles A - F)
  • trans_biblio.html
  • trans_gi.html
  • trans_jk.html
  • trans_mn.html
  • trans_or.html
  • trans_s.html
  • trans_tz.html
  • ~pmjs/trans/

    Bibliography of translations from classical Japanese. This is the standard version of the database: WITH kanji and WITHOUT diacritics. Only one problem: cannot be searched directly from the index page, hence the creation of the romanized version above.
    Some pmjs members are helping me gather bibliographical data on translations of Kinsei (Edo/Tokugawa) texts. This information will be incorporated in some form.

    Other files in this subdirectory are incomplete and may be reorgainized or deleted. For my own information, they currently are:

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