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To look for a phrase, enclose in quotation marks, otherwise you will find all examples of EITHER word. Terms in Japanese can be searched only with a separate form. Romanization: soshi will find sôshi but you will might want to check for possible alternative (internet-friendly) spellings such as soushi or sooshi. More information.


Colors in Genji
Lawrence Marceau, Denise O'Brien, Elliot Berlin, Anthony Chambers, Amanda Stinchecum, Royall Tyler, Kai Nieminen, Christine M. Millett, Sharon Domier
Competitive Sarugaku
Noel John Pinnington, Barbara Nostrand , Lewis Cook, Eric Rath
Kitsune-nyôbô (fox-women)
Suzy Styles, Janet Goodwin, Adam Kern, Lawrence Marceau, Alan Cummings, Maria Chiara Migliore, Charlotte Eubanks, Michael Watson, Tim Kern, Michael Wachutka, Susan Klein, Richard Emmert, Denise O'Brien
Genji genealogy, Genji as novel, Literary Slander
David Pollack, Richard Bowring, Michael Watson, Royall Tyler, Mack Horton, Robert Khan, Lewis Cook , David Pollack, Adrian Pinnington, Ingrid Parker, Elliot Berlin, Royall Tyler, Karel Fiala, Rein Raud, William J. Higginson, Robert Khan, Mark Hall, Naoko Yamagata, Karel Fiala, Greg Pflugfelder, Thomas Harper, Rein Raud, Richard Emmert
Rajômon in the 11th century (Rajo-mon, Rashômon, Rashoomon)
Ingrid Park, Matthew Stavros, Wayne Farris, Lawrence Marceau, Ingrid Parker, Robert Borgen
sôshi (book? tale? ) --> -shō 抄 (notes? treatise?)
Ivo Smits, Anthony J. Bryant, Lawrence Marceau, Hank Glassman, Laura Moretti, Barbara Nostrand, Amanda Stinchecum, Rein Raud, Lewis Cook, Michael Watson, Monika Dix
waka in rituals
Andrei Nakortchevski, Sybil Thornton, Hank Glassman, Gaynor Sekimori, Randle Keller Kimbrough, Lewis Cook, Lawrence Marceau
Mad women in medieval Japan
Susan Klein, Hank Glassman, Eric Rath
English text of Sansho dayu legend?
Sarah Thal, Karl Friday, Lawrence Marceau, Michael Watson


Death and burial in pre-1600 Kyoto

Matthew Stavros, David Pollack, Carol Tsang, Hank Glassman, Karen Brock, Rokuo Tanaka, Hank Glassman, Richard Bowring, Andrew Goble, Rokuo Tanaka, Janet Goodwin, Tom Conlan, Robert Khan, G. Cameron Hurst, Jacqueline Stone

Gates to Heian-kyo

Karl Friday, Andrew Goble, Matthew Stavros, Bill Higginson, Barbara Nostrand, David Pollack, Jacques Joly

No Dragon Queen? (including "Ancient kinship" and related subject lines)

Royall TylerAnthony J. Bryant, Denise O'Brien, Wayne Farris, Hugh de Ferranti, Kazuko Suzuki, Rokuo Tanaka, William Bodiford, Peter David Shapinsky, Brian Ruppert, Susanne Nishimura-Schermann, Nobumi Iyanaga, Charlotte von Verschuer, Lawrence Marceau, Robert Khan, Roberta Strippoli, Robert Morrell

Arare vs. Hyou (including subject lines "shin shin" and "Poetess")

William J. HigginsonRokuo Tanaka, Tim Kern,William Bodiford, Stephen Miller, Lawrence Marceau, Rein Raud, Sonja Arntzen

"tezukuri" in classical texts (including subject lines "Hemp-making" and "tesarugaku and tezukuri")

Morgan PitelkaWayne Farris, Richard Bowring. Lawrence Marceau, Rokuo Tanaka, John R. Bentley, Eric Rath , Lawrence Marceau

the possessive "no" used in personal names

Susan B. KleinWilliam Bodiford, Richard Bowring, Paul S. Atkins, Rokuo Tanaka, Lawrence Marceau, Kate Wildman Nakai, Steven G. Nelson, Wayne Farris, Ivo Smits, Mary Louise Nagata, Susanne Nishimura-Schermann

Noh on Video? Looking for Okina Text

Barbara NostrandMonica Bethe, Michael Watson, Thomas Hare, Hugh de Ferranti, Noel John Pinnington, Karen Brazell, William Bodiford

"Iconoclasm" in Premodern Japan

Gregory Levine, Matthew Stavros, David Pollack, Carol Tsang, Robin Gill, Lawrence Marceau, Todd Brown, Keller Kimbrough

Confucianism in ancient Japan

Michel Vieillard-Baron
Michael Watson, David Pollack, Ivo Smits, Wayne Farris, Michael Jamentz, Richard Bowring, William Bodiford, Steven G. Nelson, Andrew Gordon, Rein Raud

Jeffrey P. Mass, 1940-2001

G. Cameron Hurst III

Heian tears... a.k.a. "Silk and aristocratic tears" - "tear-drops" - "Heian tears: lit or fig?" - "soggy silk" - "rivers of blood" - "Hemp" - "Paper" - "Blood and guts" - "silk stains"

Royall Tyler, Denise O'Brien, David Pollack, Janine Beichman, Rose Bundy, Barbara Nostrand, Noel John Pinnington, Roberta Strippoli, Wayne Farris, Matthew Stavros, Alexander R. Bay, Lewis Cook, Mary Louise Nagata, Richard Bowring, Michael Watson, Barbara Ford, Leila Wice, William Bodiford, Amanda Stinchecum


"Gates of Hell" (film Jigokumon)

Jonathan Dresner, Robert Borgen, Michael Watson, Tom Conlan, Robert E. Morrell, Karel Fiala

extreme kakekotoba

Lewis Cook, Lewis Cook, Robert E. Morrell, Rein Raud, Richard Bowring, Paul S. Atkins, Noel Pinnington, Janine Beichman, Royall Tyler, Stephen Miller, Sonja Arntzen, Michael Watson, Lawrence Marceau, William Bodiford

mokkan; Zhong Kui/Shouki; "Kyuu kyuu nyo ritsuryo" invocation

Wayne Farris, Richard Bowring, Royall Tyler, Paul Atkins, David Pollack, David Olson

library resources for research needs

Stephen D. Miller, Janine Beichman, Robert Borgen, Hank Glassman, Laura Kaufman, William Bodiford, Laurel Rodd, Maureen Donovan

Konjaku Mojikyo

Michael Watson, John Schmitt-Weigand, Janine Beichman, Nobumi Iyanaga

Moon and enlightenment trope in Japanese literature/poetry

Stephen D. Miller, Niels Guelberg, Shigeki Moro

Electronic Resources

Michael Watson, Edward Kamens, Hideyuki Morimoto, Joan Piggot

medieval medicine

Ulf Undmark, Jacqueline Stone, Wayne Farris, Joan Piggott

Shintoism in Japanese literature

Christian M Hermansen, Jeremy Roland Robinson, Jacqueline Stone, Wayne Farris, Janine Beichman, Leith Morton, Karel Fiala

Shingon ritual

Michael Watson, Hideyuki Morimoto, Robert Morrell, Haruko Komoda, H. van der Veere

Reading Japanese e-mail

Robert E. Morrell, William Londo, Joan Piggott, William Bodiford


Alexander R. Bay ,Anthony J. Bryant, Liza Dalby, Tom Hare, Monica Bethe, Peter Hendriks, Carole Cavanaugh, Richard Bowring, William Londo, Mikael S. Adolphson, Michael Watson, Todd Brown, William Bodiford, Roberta Strippoli, Amanda Stinchecum, Amy V. Heinrich, Philip C. Brown, Michael J. Smitka, Wayne Lammers, Bjarke Frellesvig, Kate Wildman Nakai, David Pollack, Alison Tokita, Rein Raud, Matthew Stavros, Morgan Pitelka

Rokudo-e (pictures of the Six Paths)

Gil Schneider, Keller Kimbrough, Nobumi Iyanaga

Gendered Literacy

Denise O'Brien John Bentley, Hank Glassmann, Robert Borgen, David Pollack, William Bodiford, Elizabeth Markham, Lewis Cook, David Lurie, Mack Horton

Classics (of scholarship)

Michael Watson Wayne Farris, David Pollack, Janine Beichman, Morgan Pitelka, Richard Bowring, Leith Morton, Bjarke Frellesvig, Lewis Cook, Rein Raud, Philip C. Brown, Robert E. Morrell, Joshua Mostow, Norma Field

Bungo references: discussion of learning/teaching of Classical Japanese

Brian Betty Lawrence Marceau, Janine Beichman, Laurel Rasplica Rodd, Robert Khan, Richard Bowring, Anthony Bryant, David Pollack, Kendon Stubbs, Lewis Cook, Philip C. Brown, Robert E. Morrell, Peter Hendriks, Rein Raud, Michael Watson, Nicola Liscutin, John R. Bentley, Stephen D. Miller, Noel John Pinnington, Hitomi Tonomura, Bjarke Frellesvig, Stephen M. Forrest, Royall Tyler, Norma Field, Ivo Smits, Laurel Rasplica Rodd, Susan Matisoff, Jordi Escurriola, John R. Wallace, George Perkins, H. Mack Horton, Mary Louise Nagata, Michael Wachutka

R. H. Blyth (1898-1964)

Meredith McKinney, Alexander R. Bay, Michael Watson, Richard Bowring, Noel John Pinnington, Daniel Gallimore, Robert E. Morrell, Janine Beichman, Adrian Pinnington, Kai Nieminen


mono-no-ke (Genji monogatari, "Yugao")

Lewis Cook, Hank Glassman, Susan Klein, Royall Tyler, Mindy Varner, Karel Fiala, Robert Borgen, David Pollack, Monica Bethe, Rein Raud

the term "premodern" and the naming of the list

Rein Raud, Karen Brazell, David Pollack, Robert Borgen, Chris Drake, Janine Beichman, Elizabeth Oyler, Lewis Cook, David Lurie, Peter Kornicki, Joshua S. Mostow, Elliot Berlin, Michael Watson, Morgan Pitelka, Philip C. Brown, Gary Cadwallader

poisonous effects of warabi or bracken ferns. Poisoning. Tea.

Royall Tyler, Michael Watson, Christina Laffin, Reinhard Zoellner, Hank Glassman, David Pollack, David Olson, Gary Cadwallader, Tom Harper

the translation of yuujo

Janine Beichman, Royall Tyler, Janet Goodwin, Kendon Stubbs, David Pollack, Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen, Richard Bowring, Ivo Smits, Gaye Rowley, John Schmitt-Weigand, Jordi Escurriola

English renga sequence

Chris Drake, Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen, Lawrence Marceau, Lewis Cook, Janine Beichman, Rein Raud, Sonja Arntzen

authorship of Genji monogatari

Royall Tyler, Lawrence Marceau, Rein Raud, Janine Beichman, Anthony Bryant, Lewis Cook, Chris Drake, Stephen Forrest, Michael Watson, Robert Khan, Gaye Rowley

Shunkan - gunkimono

Morgan Pitelka, Richard Bowring, Michael Watson
Ivo Smits, Alexander R. Bay, Melanie Trede

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