Circulation counter

* Services provided (Shirokane: 2F circulation counter, Yokohama: 1F circulation counter)


Please take the books you want to borrow to the circulation counter and present your ID card.
* Note: if you have any overdue books materials, you will not be able to borrow any other additional materials. Your borrowing rights will be restored the day after the overdue materials are returned.

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You can return books to either the Shirokane or Yokohama libraries.
Please return the books to the circulation counter or place them in the book-drop for returns.
* Note: if you return books to the book-drop, the return will be processed on the next day that the library is open.
If you have lost a library book, please contact the library.

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Renewal of loan period [Possible using MyLibrary]

You can renew twice. However renewal is not possible if a reservation has been placed by another user. If you renew at the circulation counter, please bring the books and materials you have borrowed and your ID card.
* Note: if you have any overdue books, you will not be allowed to renew the due date.

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Reservations [Possible using MyLibrary]

If the book you wish to use is currently on loan, you can reserve it.

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Inter-site requests (from another campus, on-campus research institutes and off-campus storerooms) [Possible using MyLibrary]

In case the material you require is stored on another campus, an on-campus research institute, or an off-campus storeroom, you can submit an inter-site request to use the books or materials.

  1. Closed stacks materials

    Shirokane campus library

    For use of materials in the closed stacks, please print out a receipt using an OPAC computer, or fill out a request form, and submit it to the counter. Materials with the words “Basement,” “B1,” “B2,” “North Wing,” “book collection,” included in their storage location label are all in the closed stacks. Some time will be required for books in the closed stacks to be retrieved.

    Yokohama campus library

    You can enter the stacks in the basement yourself if you present your ID card at the counter and complete the procedure.

  2. Other campuses

    Applications can be made using the “inter-site requests and reservations” function in the MyLibrary system.Materials used through an inter-site request may be returned to either library.
    * Note: Inter-site request materials are delivered using inter-site transport on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. As a general rule, materials requested the day before the transport day are delivered the next transport day, but two or three days leeway is generally recommended.

  3. Meiji Gakuin University research institutes

    Materials for which the storage location is the “International Peace Research Institute,” the “Institute of Language and Culture,” the “Institute for Christian Studies,” or the “Institute of Sociology and Social Work” are the archived materials of these respective research institutes. People who cannot directly access these research institutes, but who wish to access materials stored in the institutes can use inter-site requests for this purpose. Please print out a receipt using an OPAC computer or apply at the counter.

    (Inter-site request days: normally Mondays to Fridays) This consists of the same services as for library materials, including lending, returning and extensions. Sometimes due to the circumstances of the research institute it may not be possible to lend out the materials or you may be asked to return the materials ahead of the due date.

  4. Computing & Information Center

    Materials for which the storage location is the “Computing & Information Center” are the archived materials of the Computing & Information Center. If you wish to view these materials please contact the Computing & Information Center directly. (Members of the Meiji Gakuin University community only)

  5. External repository

    It will take several days before you can use materials for which the storage location is shown as “External repository.” Please print out a receipt using an OPAC computer and apply at the counter. In the case of materials from another library, you can apply using “Inter-site requests and reservations” in the MyLibrary system.

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Purchase Request (Students only)

The libraries accept purchase requests for the books and materials necessary for study and research, even if they are materials not archived in the library. Please apply through the MyLibrary system or fill out the application form available in the library and submit it to the counter.

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Reference services (Shirokane: 5F reference counter, Yokohama: 1F support desk)

Library staff members are available for consultations about books and library service. If you are unable to locate materials, or if you are unsure how to search for library materials, please visit the reference counter.