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How to use the services

In order to use the library a MG card (library ID card) is required. The MG card can be used on both Shirokane and Yokohama campuses.
For undergraduate and graduate students the “student ID card” serves as a library ID card, and for faculty members the “faculty ID card” serves as a library ID card.

Entrance to the library

Please use your library ID card to open the gate at the entrance. If you have forgotten your library ID card complete entry procedures at the circulation counter. If you do not have your library ID card with you, it will not be possible to borrow any books.

Exit from the library

Please use the exit gate. An alarm will sound if anyone attempts to take books or materials out of the library that have not been signed out through the correct lending procedures and the gate will lock automatically. You may be asked to confirm the contents of your bags if the alarm rings.