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Department of Global and Transcultural Studies

The Department of Global and Transcultural Studies provides an education that seeks to cultivate individuals capable of shining in the international community of the 21st century against a background of advancing globalization and dramatic changes in the international scene. In an international environment that brings together students from around the world, we foster advanced cross-cultural communication skills based on English language competence, instill a perspective that adopts an interdisciplinary approach in order to correctly understand contemporary society, and develop practical abilities that enable students to independently participate in and contribute to the resolution of a diverse range of problems.

Department of Global and Transcultural Studies

What the Department offers

The Department of Global and Transcultural Studies offers students a curriculum based on an interdisciplinary approach that will assist them in accurately understanding the contemporary globalized world, and fosters individuals able to succeed in careers with international organizations, international NGOs, and multinational corporations, and in areas such as journalism and other media.

In principle, all classes are conducted in English

The Department offers students intensive English language education when they enter the school in order to compensate for differences in their levels of English ability. Following this, students are able to choose from a broad range of subjects that they will study in English as part of their specialized education, with a total of 57 lecture courses and 13 seminar courses offered in English.

Unique and exclusive programs that enable students to combine foreign study with internship

During a one-year period of foreign study, experience an internship in the US tourism industry, for example at Walt Disney World® Resort, following a term of study at the University of California, Riverside. Combining study with practical training, this program deepens the students’ understanding of world-class hospitality and the tourism business.

Comprehensive interactive education in small groups

The Department of Global and Transcultural Studies strives to provide interactive education in a truly international environment. Our small-group classes offer more than simply an instructor giving a lecture; we deepen understanding through discussions between students and between students and instructors, and by having students conduct presentations themselves.

Opportunities for foreign study at partner universities throughout the world and for international exchange on the campus itself

We offer students the opportunity to choose from a large number of partner schools for overseas study, but in addition to this, students in upper level courses are able to study together with foreign students from partner universities such as the University of California, providing them with an overseas experience without leaving the Yokohama campus.

Education that instills career awareness from the first year onwards

The Department of Global and Transcultural Studies requires students to take a basic course in life and career design (Life and Career Development 1 and 2), starting in the last semester of the first year, in order to increase their awareness of their future careers and direction, and to promote an understanding of what will be necessary in order to realize their chosen career path. Following this, students are offered the opportunity to participate in full-fledged internships in Japan and overseas.

Internship programs to develop global competency

Global competency refers to skills, abilities, and ways of thinking that enable individuals to work in a globalized world. Internships in Japan or overseas help our students develop the ability to work with people with differing worldviews, the ability to think about things for themselves and solve the problems they encounter, and the ability to control stress.

A double degree program enabling students to take two degrees

Our double degree program enables students to receive degrees from Meiji Gakuin University and San Francisco State University. Under this program, students are able to receive a bachelor’s degree from both universities in four-and-a-half to five years, including approximately two years of study at San Francisco State University.

A global campus where you will study together with more than 100 foreign students

On our campus, you will always be studying side by side with students from all over the world. Our buddy system for supporting foreign students and volunteer programs promote vigorous international exchanges.

Four-year Program Flow

First to third semesters: Students build solid foundations for academic study through interactive education in small groups

During their first year and a half, students of the Department of Global and Transcultural Studies build solid foundations for full-fledged specialized study. This process involves two components: The development of comprehensive English language skills in our Academic English Program (AEP) and the development of fundamental academic skills in our Introductory Seminar and other courses. This approach enables students to develop fundamental skills that will enable them to receive specialized education at any university in the world.

Fourth to seventh semesters: Students receive full-fledged education and training based on international standards, both in Japan and overseas

During the following two years, students receive full-fledged specialized education in Japan and overseas. The Department strongly recommends that all students take at least one year of specialized education (in the case of the double degree program, two years) overseas. At the same time, we also place great importance on internship experience, and we make efforts to ensure that students are able to receive an education in an environment that conforms to international standards during their period of internship.

Eighth semester: Students complete a Graduation Project as the summation of four years of study

During their final semester, students work toward the completion of Graduation Project A (thesis) or Graduation Project B (thesis and media presentation) as the summation of their university education. Preparation for this starts in the sixth semester. We anticipate that students who complete four years of education in the Department of Global and Transcultural Studies will have acquired the ability to immediately begin playing an active role on the international stage.

Career Options following Graduation

Graduates of the Department of Global and Transcultural Studies can be expected above all to immediately display outstanding performance in international contexts. Graduates are ready for employment by international organizations, international NGOs, multinational companies (manufacturers, trading companies, ICT firms, financial firms, etc.) and media outlets, and in each case will be capable of performing the required tasks together with colleagues of diverse nationalities. While it has previously been difficult to cultivate these types of abilities in Japanese educational environments, it is something that will become increasingly necessary in future.

*The Department of Global and Transcultural Studies was established in 2011.

Ratio of candidates for employment by industry (Fiscal 2013-2015)