Department of International Studies

Department of International Studies
Department of Global and Transcultural Studies

The Department of International Studies offers courses that help clarify the tumultuous international community, taught by instructors with a wealth of international experience who specialize in humanities, social science teaching and research. These courses foster consideration for others, and promote character development that will serve students well anywhere in the world. The Department of International Studies welcomes students who are filled with intellectual curiosity, who think for themselves, who are proactive, and who are motivated by a desire to work together with people from different cultural backgrounds on the international stage.

Department of International Studies

What the Department offers

The name of the Department of International Studies does not include the names of specialized fields such as “politics” or “economics” because the Department does not offer a single major, but rather allows students to study international relations through a broad range of academic fields, such as the study of culture, in addition to politics and economics.

Participate in small-group interactive education for a four-year program

Our four-year program emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge through interactive education based on dialogues between students and instructors.

Select from six interdisciplinary themes according to your interests

Students can freely coordinate their studies from a range of perspectives by choosing from among six interdisciplinary themes: Peace Studies, Environmental Issues, Multicultural Societies, Comparative Cultures, International and Comparative Economics, and Comparative Law and Politics.

Create a foundation for interdisciplinary study with specialized courses taught in English

Students use the English language skills they have developed through comprehensive language education as a tool for pursuing interdisciplinary studies.

Learn from instructors possessing an intimate knowledge of the world’s regions

The Regional Studies course includes many subjects that allow students to engage in the study of a diverse group of regions, including Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East. Instructors possessing a deep knowledge of a specific region introduce that region from economic, political, and cultural perspectives, and consider its problems and potential solutions together with their students.

Foster a global perspective through fieldwork in Japan and overseas

From the second year onwards, seminar-based and practical courses enable students to deepen their examination of their chosen research themes. We also offer a range of opportunities for students to gain experience in practical learning outside the school, with one- to two-week programs of onsite fieldwork with course instructors.

Develop skills in intercultural communication through exchanges with overseas students and exercises using tablets

The Department of International Studies appoints overseas students to act as teaching assistants in classes given in English, offering support to students in language acquisition, and our lounge offers a space for exchanges between overseas and Japanese students, boosting our students’ abilities in the area of intercultural communication. In addition, classes featuring tablets use a variety of practical materials, including videos and apps, to enable students to study English expressions.

Consider taking a double degree from San Francisco State University and Meiji Gakuin University

Our double degree program enables students to receive degrees from Meiji Gakuin University and San Francisco State University. Under this program, students are able to receive a bachelor’s degree from both universities in four-and-a-half to five years, including approximately two years of study at San Francisco State University.

Select from a range of overseas study and experience programs to learn about the world, based on different study subjects

In addition to short-, medium-, and long-term overseas study programs, we offer a diverse range of overseas study and internship experiences, from a program enabling you to continue your studies while working at Walt Disney World® Resort, to an internship as a teaching assistant in Australia, to working as a UN youth volunteer. In addition, one of the distinctive characteristics of the Department of International Studies is the fact that students can engage in exchanges with students from throughout the world within the school itself.

Four-year Program Flow

First year: Students start with the basics, with small-group lectures and seminars

Students of the Department of International Studies acquire the skills for study at the university in basic seminars with an average of 15 participants, fostering academic abilities that will lead them through advanced interdisciplinary studies in humanities and social sciences from their second to fourth years. The department also offers comprehensive training in English and other foreign languages in small classes of around 25 students.

Second year: Students pursue seminar-based research in one of six majors

The Department offers six majors, including Peace Studies, Environmental Issues, and Multicultural Societies, and students focus on one while gaining a more fully rounded educational experience through opportunities for off-campus learning that include overseas experiences. At the same time, students can take specialized courses offered in English together with exchange students from areas including the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Third and fourth years: Students experience overseas internships and complete their graduation thesis

In addition to long-term overseas internships that assist in cultivating students as responsible members of Japanese society and international citizens, the Department offers a variety of domestic and overseas internship experiences. In addition, from the second year, students explore the research topics that they have selected for themselves in greater depth in seminars, and work towards the completion of their graduation theses as the culmination of their studies, in preparation for taking their places in society.

Career Options following Graduation

Many graduates of the Department of International Studies are making their mark on the global stage. More opportunities to flourish are also opening up in Japan today for graduates of the department as the nation’s workplace environments become increasingly internationalized. Their careers span a diverse range of areas, including information technology-related positions, mass media and creative enterprises, and non-profit organizations (NPOs). Some graduates go on to become government employees or educators, and every year around five graduates proceed on to graduate school.

Ratio of candidates for employment by industry (Fiscal 2013-2015)