Message From the Dean

Graduate School of Business and Law

Yumi Nishiyama

In April of 2015, Meiji Gakuin established the first Graduate School of Business and Law in Japan as a collaboration between the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law.

Rapid globalization, computerization, the aging of society, and a decreasing birthrate are all taking place concurrently in Japan. Leaders with an integrated legal and business background are needed to efficiently and soundly manage corporations, NPOs, and other organizations amidst these changes. The Graduate School of Business and Law offers an advanced interdisciplinary curriculum that covers six fields: ①business administration, ②governance, ③finance, ④human resources, ⑤marketing, ⑥production and supply. It also covers areas of legal research, such as administrative law, labor law, and contract law.

In required classes such as Introduction to Business 1 and 2, interdisciplinary issues spanning the fields of business and law are taken up using concrete examples. Faculty members from both business and law advise students from their respective viewpoints. Through its advanced interdisciplinary curriculum, the Graduate School of Business and Law aims to send leaders with broad awareness of both business and law out into the world.