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The following abbreviations are used in the text and notes. Place of publication is Tokyo unless otherwise stated. No characters have been given for books entitled simply Heike monogatari •½‰Æ•¨Œê.

HMKJ: Ichiko Teiji, ed. Heike monogatari kenkyu jiten. Meiji shoin, 1978.
NKBT: Nihon koten bungaku taikei “ú–{ŒÃ“T•¶Šw‘åŒn. Iwanami shoten Šâ”g‘“X.
NKBZ : Nihon koten bungaku zenshu “ú–{ŒÃ“T•¶Šw‘SW. Shogakukan ¬ŠwŠÙ.
SKT: Shinpen kokka taikan V•Ò‘‰Ì‘åŠÏ (1983)
SNKBT: Shin nihon koten bungaku taikei V“ú–{ŒÃ“T•¶Šw‘åŒn. Iwanami shoten Šâ”g‘“X.

Asahara Yoshiko –ƒŒ´”üŽq, Haruta Akira t“cé, Matsuo Ashie ¼”öˆ¯]. 1990. Yashiron-bon Takano-bon taisho Heike Monogatari ‰®‘ã–{‚–ì–{‘Ώƕ½‰Æ•¨Œê. Shintensha V“TŽÐ.

Ichiko Teiji ŽsŒÃ’原, ed. 1973-1975. Heike monogatari. Vols. 29-30 of NKBZ. Shogakukan.

Ichiko Teiji, ed. 1978. Heike monogatari kenkyu jiten •½‰Æ•¨ŒêŒ¤‹†Ž–“T. Meiji shoin –¾Ž¡‘‰@. [Abbreviated as HMKJ]

Kajihara Masaaki ŠŒ´³º and Yamashita Hiroaki ŽR‰ºG–¾, eds. 1991. Heike monogatari. Vol. 44 of SNKBT.

Kanda Hideo _“cG•v, Nagazumi Yasuaki ‰iÏˆÀ–¾, Yasuraoka Kosaku ˆÀ—ljªNì, eds. 1971. Hojoki, Tsurezuregusa, Shohoganzo zuimonki , Tannisho •ûä‹LE“k‘R‘E³–@Šá‘ •·‹LE’VˆÙ´. Vol. 27 of NKBZ.

Komatsu Shigemi ¬¼–Δü. 1990. Heike monogatari emaki •½‰Æ•¨ŒêŠGŠª. 12 vols. Chuo Koronsha ’†‰›Œö˜_ŽÐ.

Mizuhara Hajime …Œ´ˆê, ed. 1979.Heike monogatari.. Vols. 25-28 of Shincho nihon koten shusei V’ª“ú–{ŒÃ“TW¬. Shinchosha V’ªŽÐ.

Mizuhara Hajime, ed. 1988-1991. Genpei josuiki Œ¹•½·Š‹L. 6 vols. Shinjin-oraisha Vl•¨‰—ˆŽÐ.

Nagazumi Yasuaki ‰iÏˆÀ–¾ and Shimada Isao “‡“c—E—Y. 1961. Hogan monogatari, Heiji monogatari •ÛŒ³•¨ŒêE•½Ž¡•¨Œê. Vol. 31 of NKBT.

Sato Kenzo ²“¡ŒªŽO, ed. 1959. Heike monogatari. 2 vols. Kadokawa bunko Špì•¶ŒÉ.

Shida Itaru M‘¾Žü. 1983-. Shinpan eiri Heike monogatari V”ÅŠG“ü•½‰Æ•¨Œê. 12 vols. (in progress). Osaka: Izumi shoten ˜aò‘“X.

Sugimoto Keisaburo ™–{Œ\ŽO˜Y. 1979-1991. Heike monogatari.12 vols. Kodansha gakujutsu bunko u’kŽÐŠwp•¶ŒÉ.

Takagi Ichinosuke ‚–ØŽs”V• et al., ed. 1959-60. Heike Monogatari. Vols. 32-33 of NKBT. Iwanami shoten.

Takahashi Sadaichi ‚‹´’åˆê, ed. 1972. Heike monogatari. 2 vols. Kodansha bunko u’kŽÐ•¶ŒÉ.

Tochigi Yoshitada@“Ȗ؍FˆÒ, et al., ed. 1992. Hogen monogatari, Heiji monogatari, Jokyuki. •ÛŒ³•¨ŒêE•½Ž¡•¨ŒêE³‹v‹L. Vol. 43 of SNKBT. Iwanami shoten.

Tomikura Tokujiro •y‘q“¿ŽŸ˜Y. 1966. Heike monogatari zenchushaku •½‰Æ•¨Œê‘S’Žß. 4 vols. Kadokawa shoten Špì‘“X.

Wilson, William R., trans. 1971. Hogen monogatari: Tale of the Disorder in Hogen. Tokyo: Sophia University Press.

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