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South Gate – Enbo Bridge

Enbo Bridge − Library

Chapel − Building D

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Main Gate

Main Gate and its guard house. Students exchange their greetings as they enter and leave the campus.

North Gate

It is a two-minute walk to the North Gate from the closest bus terminal.

Hepburn Field

The Hepburn Field is an all-weather track and field prepared with artificial turf. The field is used for official sports games such as rugby and soccer. It is complete with field lighting for nighttime games. New spectator benches were installed in April 2008.

Building A

The chapel appears as soon as one walks through Building A (the Administrative Office Building).


The spacious gymnasium contains an athletic stadium, an air rifle target range, archery dojo, golf driving range, and enough space for six volleyball games to take place simultaneously. It is a comprehensive facility where various athletic equipments are available and contains research and seminar rooms.


This modern-style chapel designed with the theme of “simple and clean”. The sunlight filtering through the stained glass on the east wall creates a ceremonious atmosphere inside the chapel. On the second floor are seats for the choir whose serene voices fill the space at Christmas time. The wall on the west side is all glass, which connects the interior with the greenery that spreads across the outside, creating a sense of openness.

Building C

The first floor is a space with a quiet ambiance, and the second floor receives ample natural light. Students enjoy nutritionally balanced meals as they engage in lively conversations.

Building D

The lounge in Building D has a high ceiling that creates a sense of vast openness.


Look up at the entrance of the library and you will see an artistic architectural design.

Building 4

Building No. 4 houses a multimedia center where the network and the computers of the Yokohama campus are located and the audio-visual equipment are supported. It also contains a computer room called “Y’ins,” where computers are available for individual and group use.

Building 1

This building contains offices that support student life, including the Student Affairs Office and Registrar’s Office. The bulletin board set up outside the building attracts many students everyday who come by to gather new information.

Enbo Bridge

The lounge in Building D has a high ceiling that creates a sense of vast openness.

Building 10

Completed in April 2008, Building No. 10 is a new addition to the campus. Its second through fifth floors are filled with classrooms, and on the first floor is the entranceway that connects to a student lounge. It is a space with a calm atmosphere that can be used as a meeting place before classes.

Building 5

Building 7

Building No. 7 contains large lecture halls and is often busy with the comings and goings of many students.

Building 8

Building No. 8 stands at the southernmost end of the Yokohama campus. On its first floor is a student union run café. Many International Studies classes are held and many international exchange students gather at this building. In the spacious lounge often are students debating on various topics as they study.

South Gate

The South Gate, right by which the bus leaving Totsuka Station stops, is the most used of all gates on the vast Yokohama campus. Here, many students greet and engage in lively conversations with each other at the beginning and end of each day and in between classes.

Video Tour

South Gate – Enbo Bridge

Enbo Bridge − Library

Chapel − Building D