Institution Guide

1 Building 1

Building 1 is home to the Student Affairs Department, the Academic Affairs Department, and other offices that are essential to life at the university. Outside Building 1 there is also a bulletin board where students check for university notices and announcements.

2 Building 2

This building contains laboratories, training rooms, and related facilities.

3 Building 3

Computer Labs and other such facilities are located here.

4 Building 4

The Volunteer Center and the “Y'ins” computer room that is available for free use by individuals and groups are located on the ground floor.

5 Building 5

A classroom building. On the second floor is a Career Center that exudes the enthusiasm of students engaged in job-seeking. There are also computer training rooms that can be used for language study and group work. The Clara Lounge, which was opened on the ground floor in 2015, is favored by students as a place for recreation and relaxation.

6 Building 6

A classroom building. On the second floor is a faculty lounge and the National Examination Preparation Room.

7 Building 7

A classroom building. Building 7 contains large lecture halls and bustles with students coming and going.

8 Building 8

A classroom building. On the ground floor is the International Lounge, which is a favorite location for relaxation, recreation, and international exchange. The café and Japanese tea room Meishosha is also located here.

9 Building 9

A classroom building. On the ground floor is the Co-op Bakery.

10 Building 10

On the ground floor is the International Center and the IC International Commons, n international lounge with meditation space for students, faculty and staff (no reservation required, open to all religions).

11 Building A

The administrative office building. The open area under the overhang on the ground floor has displays of earthenware excavated during construction of the Yokohama campus.

12 Building B

The Health Support Center is located here.

13 Building C

Here is the MG Café, a lunch spot with a quiet atmosphere, and the Student Cafeteria, which is brightly lit with natural light from outdoors. A menu of nutritionally balanced dishes, plus deliciousness, makes for easy conversation.

14 Building D

The lounge in Building D has a high ceiling that creates a feeling of openness.

15 Building E

Athletic club rooms are located here.

16 Building F

Humanities and social sciences club rooms are located here, and a multipurpose hall is used to hold mini concerts and other such events.

17 Building G

大The Co-op Shop on the ground floor provides an array of necessities, from beverages to stationery.

18 Gymnasium

The Gymnasium is designed to admit abundant natural light.

19 Library

Renovation took place in March 2015. The Active Commons, Active Labs, and other facilities are equipped with functionality enabling students to take the initiative in learning.

20 Chapel

This is a modern chapel designed on the themes of simplicity and cleanliness. The light that pours in through stained glass windows on the east side creates a solemn atmosphere inside the chapel. The west side of the chapel is a wall of glass that integrates the interior with the greenery outside and creates a feeling of openness and freedom.

21 Brown Hall

This facility can provide lodging for faculty, parents, and so on.