Why Meiji Gakuin University?

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Meiji Gakuin University by Numbers

The total number of students who participated in
volunteer programs over the course of a year

The University offers its students a broad range of activities. For example, on “1Day for Others,” students head out to companies, NPOs, NGOs, and local organizations for a day of giving back to the community, while the “Do for Smile@Eastern Japan” project provides reconstruction assistance to Eastern Japan and victims of the March 2011 disaster.

Volunteer Center

The number of universities that are part of Meiji Gakuin University’s network of study abroad partner institutions, spanning 18 countries and regions

Meiji Gakuin University has partnered with institutions around the world, from Asia to Europe and North America. The University provides a variety of programs to enhance students’ cross-cultural understanding and give them the power to change the world.

Foreign Study and International Exchange

The number of Western books housed in the University Library

Western books account for approximately 30% of the Library’s 1.2 million-volume collection. Some historical texts from the 18th century are stored in the digital archives, allowing Library users to browse documents from that period.