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International business is developed by overcoming differences in language, values, and political systems while working in an economic environment that changes from moment to moment. In order to acquire the capabilities to play active roles under these dynamically changing circumstances, you develop the fundamental academic competence to understand the various problems faced by corporations in a global market environment together with international communication skills. We expect to produce students who are able to demonstrate their initiative on the ground in international business that is becoming borderless.

International Business

Content and Characteristics

Business Communication and Research (BCR) Explores Issues Through Varied Cross-Cultural Experience

The programs for cross-cultural experience are varied, including courses that heighten international qualities of participants through surveys and research on topics from problems that arise in the actual practice of international business, language training in other countries, and topical research conducted in light of study tours of corporations, commercial facilities, and factories. We encourage you to try taking part in international training programs in America, England, and Australia, and overseas field studies in Taiwan, Vietnam, and the EU.

Selection of Three Fields Matched to Career Design

The three fields of Management and Strategy, Accounting and Finance, and Trade and Industry have been arranged to fit with various career designs. Each field has a curriculum that is intended to provide a theoretical foundation on which to improve practical skills. We invite you to make direct and effective use of your university studies in your own future.

Foundation Seminar: Class Faculty Member System and Mentor Service by Advanced Students

Foundation Seminars are held in the first year in small groups of about 25 students, who begin to study how to read the specialized literature and construct logical arguments, and start to acquire Excel and presentation skills, immediately after entering the university. The Foundation Seminar groups are assigned a faculty member in charge together with several advanced students who provide mentor services, including consultation on courses and advice on university life.

Four-Year Program Flow

First year: Develop fundamental academic skills required in business

In the first year, you enroll in a cluster of courses such as Introduction to Business, Introduction to Accounting, and Introduction to Trade, as well as Outline of Economics and Law for Business, that build a foundation for the study of global business, business management, and economies.

Second year: Contact with specialized courses and cultivation of international perspectives

In the second year, you take specialized courses in the three fields of Management and Strategy, Accounting and Finance, and Trade and Industry. The courses instill the intellectual approaches of their respective fields and place particular emphasis on problem-solving from international perspectives.

Note: Starting in the first year, a variety of programs are provided, including English for Business Communication and e-learning on the internet to improve foreign language skills, and international training programs to develop understanding of international business. From the second year, overseas field studies and readings in foreign language literature are also available.

Third and fourth years: Learn international business in actual practice

Special lectures and other resources are provided so that you can select one of the three fields of specialized courses for more in-depth study in your field of interest. They are devised to enable learning of theory and real-world practice, and arranged so that what you learn in lectures matches your career design and can be effectively used as-is in the future. There are also lectures on the global business environment, case studies, and so on, that will be useful in pursuing international business.

Key Points about the Department of International Business

English for Business Communication and Other Courses in the Specialized Foreign Language Cluster

English-language instruction directly linked to your career is provided by foreign instructors certified by the British Council, an official British international agency. They build up your English skills through a variety of different business scenarios, such as making sales to clients, giving presentations, and so on. Readings in foreign language literature are also presented with the aim of improving specialized literature reading ability and practical skills.

International Training Programs

These are short-term foreign study programs offered only by the Department of International Business in partnership with local universities for study not only of business English, but also of economics, business administration, and other specialized courses taught by the local institution’s faculty. We presently have programs underway in America, England, and Australia. Students at the local institutions will act as tutors to provide you support during your time in residence.