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Department of English
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Extend your knowledge of English, which is an international language, and develop your deep understanding and insight into different cultures. Through research into literature and language, you can learn things that are directed toward your own individual objectives, whether gaining a more profound understanding of the human, exploring ways of living, or sharpening your international communication skills. Learning the English language does require steady effort, but we are hoping to find students who are motivated to get beyond that difficult effort and take possession of a new world.

Department of English

Content and Characteristics

Full assortment of English language-related courses

From the first year through to the fourth year, we provide practical English language education to develop unfailing practical competence in the language, in parallel with specialized education in literature and language. Our practical English language education, which leads from a foundation course to a development course, gives four years of training in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing through phased instruction in English.

Concentration on specialized research divided into three courses of study

In the first and second years, you take introductory and survey courses in each of the three courses of study (British Literature, American Literature, and English Language). From the third year on, instruction in the three courses separates so that you can concentrate on specialized research. In the British Literature Course and the American Literature Course, you can study British and American novels, poetry, and drama while at the same time making a multi-faceted study of culture in the English-speaking sphere from various aspects that go beyond the framework of “literature” to include broad research in music, film, history, social issues, and regional studies. In the English Language Course, you can conduct linguistic research in such areas as phonetics, syntactics, and semantics, and make a deeper study of language and the human being through additional research in language acquisition, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, or some other such field.

Various different programs to open up career paths

By taking the Teacher Certification Program, you can acquire a junior high school or high school teaching license. Courses in the English Language Education Course cluster are open to students in every course of study, and these will open up paths in the field of English language teaching. There is also a partnership program with Tamagawa University that allows you to acquire an elementary school teaching license.

Four-Year Program Flow

Seminar-style courses taken from the first year move students gradually to deeper specialization

In the first and second years, students take the Foundation Seminar 1 and 2, and in the third and fourth years they take the Third and Fourth-Year Seminar for their particular courses of specialization. In the context of human contact with faculty advisors, students pursue specialized research. In addition to the regular curriculum, we hold different kinds of lecture series and meetings for career preparation. We provide opportunities to take the TOEFL ITP® tests, and also offer on-line educational materials that can be used for extra-curricular study.