Apartment information

Apartment information and procedures are handled by the university-affiliated company Meiji Gakuin Service. For details, please contact them directly.

Reference: Typical rents

  • ・Market rents (Meiji Gakuin Service study/1K and 1DK)
  • ・Area around the Yokohama Campus: about 40,000 yen ~ 50,000 yen a month
  • ・Area around Totsuka Station: about 60,000 yen ~ 70,000 yen a month
  • ・Area around Shonandai Station: about 50,000 yen ~ 70,000 yen a month
  • ・Area around Musashi-Kosugi Station: about 70,000 yen ~ 80,000 yen a month
  • ・Area around Nishi-magome Station: about 65,000 yen ~ 75,000 yen a month

* The above amounts are estimates only and differ depending on the area, structure of the building, distance from the station, facilities, and other factors. (Key money and security deposit can be one to two months’ rent each and brokerage and other fees also apply.)

  • Apartment information is provided by Meiji Gakuin Service
  • Shirokane TEL 03-5421-1555
    Yokohama TEL 045-869-5761

Apartment life

Please refrain from acts that will trouble the local residents, such as making loud noise (TV, audio, loud conversation, car/motorcycle startup, etc.) late at night. For garbage, please follow local instructions for separation, and put it out in accordance with designated days and times. As a member of local society, please be considerate of the people around you and do your best to live in harmony with the community.

Severance women's dormitory

This dormitory is well located, only two minutes’ walk from JR Higashi-Kanagawa station, which has good transportation access to the Shirokane and Yokohama campuses. The dormitory superintendent lives on the premises. You may move into the dormitory as needed if there is a room available. The facility is managed by Meiji Gakuin Service and interested persons should contact the company directly using the toll-free telephone number below.

  • Operating company: Meiji Gakuin Service
  • Inquiries concerning residence in the dormitory:
    Contact the Shibuya branch of the National Students information Center (affiliated company) and ask for the person who prevides information on Severance.
  • TEL 0120-749-131

International Student Dormitory MISH

MISH is located a five minute walk from JR Totsuka Station and both male and female students can reside there. The Yokohama Campus can be reached with a single bus from the dormitory, and it also offers convenient access to the Shirokane Campus. It aims to increase opportunities to spend time with international students and encourage international exchanges and communication between different cultures. It is operated by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. Persons interested in moving into the dormitory should contact the company directly using the toll-free telephone number below.

  • Operating company: Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.
  • Inquiries concerning residence in the dormitory:
    Student Dormitory Office at Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.
  • TEL 0120-88-1030