Academic Program

※These materials below are from 2023 but please use them as a reference.
The program follows the Japanese academic calendar of two semesters which constitute an academic year:

MGU Academic Calendar for the Exchange Students 2024 Spring (PDF/536KB)

Students may enter the program in either semester for one or two semesters. The arrival dates (though subject to change depending on the year) are:
1) Spring Semester: late March (classes to commence in mid April)
2) Fall Semester: early September (classes to commence in late September)

The International Student Program consists of:
1) Intensive and Practical Japanese Language courses divided into 5 levels (6 credits)
2) A selection of elective courses and seminars offered in English by various MGU faculties with a focus on Japanese social and cultural issues (2 credits per class)

Students participating in the International Student Program are allowed to register for a maximum of 24 credits per semester, including Japanese Language courses.

Though registration to the Intensive Japanese Language course is limited to exchange students and fee-based international students only, the elective courses offered in English are also open to full time MGU students, allowing for a truly international and integrated academic atmosphere rarely seen in Japanese Universities.

ISP students are required to take Japanese Language courses at their base campus. However, they may also register for ISP courses offered at the other campus should their daily class schedule allow for the commute between the Shirokane and Yokohama campuses. Program participants should note that the trip between the two campuses roughly takes 90 minutes.

Course List Shirokane (Spring 2023)(PDF/361KB)
Course List Shirokane (Fall 2023)(PDF/356KB)
Course List Yokohama (Spring 2023)(PDF/376KB)
Course List Yokohama (Fall 2023)(PDF/313KB)

You can search the class syllabus from the following web site.
How to search class syllabus(PDF/97KB)
※The class syllabus for this academic year will be released in the end of March, but the syllabus from previous year may be used for reference until it is released.

Participants to this program who are also holders of Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) are allowed to take all courses offered at MGU upon prior permission from the instructor. Students should be aware that some courses require prerequisites apart from the abovementioned language requirement. Submittal of the relevant documents, upon arrival to Japan, proving that the student holds the required prerequisites remains to be the incoming students’ responsibility.