Interested students from our partner universities should contact their International/Study Abroad Office for further details regarding the application procedure.
MGU can only accept applicants from officially nominated candidates.

*Interested students from non-partner universities should contact us by email ( first regarding the application procedure.

Application Procedure for ISP Partner Institutions
Applicants from the partner universities and ACUCA SMS should follow the steps below;

1. Contact the International/Study Abroad Office at home institution first.
2. Apply to home institution.
3. Nomination (Home institution to MGU)
4. Instruct online application (MGU to nominated students)
Instructions will be e-mailed to the nominated students at the beginning of October for Spring Semester and at the beginning of March for Fall Semester.
5. Complete online application and upload application documents (Nominated students to MGU).

Application Instructions
MGU ISP Instructions(ACY2024)  (PDF/125KB)

Application Documents(All documents must be written in English or Japanese)
Please prepare the documents below before starting online application. Application documents must be uploaded during online application. ONLY applicants who complete online application and upload required documents by the deadline will be reviewed for admission.

① College/University Official transcripts  with your GPA and grade scale  Information

② Proof of your financial source
Prove that you have enough funds to support yourself for the duration of your stay in Japan with the documents below. The minimum amount to be proved is:
One semester: Minimum of JPY400,000, Two semesters: Minimum of JPY800,000
You can combine A-C to meet the required amount.

A: If you are financing yourself
Official Bank Balance Certificate (must be issued within 2 months at the time of application)

*If your bank does not issue a balance certificate, please ask your bank to issue a letter that states your most up-to-date balance with information on the name of the account holder, issuing date and signature of bank official and/or organization office stamp. A copy of a web page is accepted if all of the above information are on it.
※Document(s) must be either in English or Japanese.

B: If someone other than yourself is covering your expenses
Official Bank Balance Certificate of the person covering your expense (must be issued within 2 months at the time of application)
Written Oath for Defraying Expenses【Personal Funds】(PDF/75KB) *Designated form
*The person covering the expenses must be the same person you fill in, in the application for COE.
※Document(s) must be either in English or Japanese.

C: If scholarship/Student Loan is covering your expenses
Certificate of Scholarship/Student Loan
Written Oath for Defraying Expenses【Scholarship/Student Loan】(PDF/57KB) *Designated form
*The Certificate (or letter) must clearly state the name of organization providing the fund to you, amount of scholarship available during your visiting period, issuing date and signature of the funding organization and/or stamp of the organization.
③  Certificate of Health2024   (PDF/116KB) *Designated form*
This certificate must be filled in by your university clinic or home doctor.

④ Photocopy of Passport
Your passport must be valid for the duration of your proposed stay in Japan at the time of application.
Proved a clearly legible copy of the biographical page (with your photo).

⑤ Digital Photo
the color photo sized with less than 10MB formatted by jpeg.  A photo that shows the applicant pictured alone.
The applicant should face squarely to the front and should remove any hats, caps, head coverings or shaded glasses.
There should be a plain background with no shadows. The photo must be sharp and clear.
The photo must have been taken within three month prior to application.
*A photo is to be used for COE application, there are strict photograph requirements of immigration service agency of Japan. Please check the web site below.

⑥ English Language Test Information
If your language requirement is English, you must submit a copy of TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge score.

⑦ Japanese Language Test Information
If you have a certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency (JLPT) N1, please submit a copy of certificate.

⑧  Recommendation Letter(PDF/109KB) *Designated form*
A recommendation letter is NOT required, if you are nominated from our partner universities.
A recommendation letter should be completed by a person familiar with your academic background and abilities.

GPA Score and Language Requirements

GPA Score Requirements: The applicants must have GPA of 2.0 or above on 4.0 scale.
Language Requirements: The applicants must meet either 1) ENGLISH or 2) JAPANESE requirement below.
*The applicants from universities in the countries where the official language is English are exempted from the language requirement.
1) ENGLISH: TOEFL iBT68, TOEFL ITP520, IELTS 6.0 or University of Cambridge First Certificate in English with no less than Grade B
2) JAPANESE: To have studied Japanese language for minimum of one year at the university course levels prior to arriving Japan

Online Application for Spring 2024

Application period for Spring 2024 is from October 6 to 20, 2023. Please complete online application and upload required documents during this period. Application link will be sent to students directly by email.
Please prepare the above mentioned application documents before starting online application.

6. After Meiji Gakuin University receives the application documents, your application will be deliberated upon.
7. The selection results will be announced by January for admission in the Spring semester and June for admission in the Fall semester.

Further information regarding pre-departure arrangements will be sent with the acceptance letter.