Credits and Grading System


At MGU, each semester consists of 15 weeks, and the class hour is 90 minutes. Credit units are determined for each course, and they vary based on the format of the course. For lectures and seminars, students are expected to spend 4 hours studying outside the classroom (in preparation, review and homework) for each class.
The following is the standard credits.

  • For lectures held once a week: 2 credits
  • For lectures held twice a week: 4 credits
  • For seminars: 1 or 2 credits
  • For experiments, practical training and skills practice: 1 credit

    Specific credits for each course can be found at course table and syllabus.

    ISP students are required to register at least 12 credits per semester, while they can take at most 24 credits.

    Grading System

    At the end of each semester, students will receive the grades for their registered courses along with the following grading system.

    Pass/Fail Grade Score Description Grade Point Value
    Pass S 90-100 sufficiently achieved the academic goal of the course and be extremely excellent 4
    A 80-89 sufficiently achieved the academic goal of the course 3
    B 70-79 roughly achieved the academic goal of the course 2
    C 60-69 minimally achieved the academic goal of the course 1
    Fail D 0-59 not achieved the academic goal of the course 0
    N unevaluable regarded as not fulfilling prerequisites for the course evaluation (e.g. not taking tests, frequent absence and so on) 0

    *Some courses adopt P/F system, which evaluates the grade just "P(Pass)" or "F(Fail)". The adoption should be mentioned at their syllabus.

    Transcripts/Credit Transfer

    At the end of the semester, ISP participants will receive the grades for the courses they registered for the semester. The result can be available on "Kyomu Web(教務Web)" which students can log in through students' portal, "Port Hepburn".

    International Center will email the official transcripts issued by MGU's Academic Affairs Department to the students' sending institutions at mid-September for Spring semester and mid-March for Fall semester. The original transcripts are also available as needed.

    It is the responsibility of students' home institutions to deal with the credits transfer from MGU, so, students are expected to consult with their home institutions should there be any questions or concerns.