Jan 18 2019

Volunteer Center Awarded Kanagawa Prefecture’s Social Welfare Council Chairman's Commendation

The Meiji Gakuin Volunteer Center has been awarded a Kanagawa Prefecture Social Welfare Council Chairman's Commendation in recognition of the Center's many years of continuous volunteer activity and other contributions.

This commendation is bestowed on individuals and organizations that have engaged in initiatives with conspicuous records of achievement in furthering social welfare activities in the local and regional community for a period of 10 years or more. On recommendation by the Yokohama City Social Welfare Council, the Center was recognized as a meritorious volunteer organization.

The following were among the reasons cited for this award:
1) The Center has engaged in volunteer activities over a period of many years.
2) The Center implements a wide range of volunteer activities in service to the local and regional community.
3) The Center pursues its activities with a view to fostering the coming generation, for example by having senior volunteers pass on their know-how to junior volunteers.

We at the Volunteer Center express our sincere gratitude for this recognition to all those affiliated with the Kanagawa Prefecture Social Welfare Council and the Yokohama City Social Welfare Council, as well as to the members of the community who have generously given their understanding and cooperation to the activities of this university and its students.

We will take this award as encouragement for the continuing engagement of the Center and our students in community volunteer and related activities not only at the Yokohama campus but at the Shirokane campus, as well.