Jun 26 2018

"Children’s Cafeteria " Held on the Yokohama Campus!

On Saturday, May 12, a "Children’s Cafeteria" took place on the Yokohama Campus. The event was held by the new "Community Contribution"section of E.S.S. (English Speaking Society), a university-certified organization whose core activity consists of wide-ranging English language discussions and speeches. The purpose of the Children’s Cafeteria is to create a community network geared towards children junior high school age and younger, together with their parents and guardians, based on the idea of "local production for local consumption."
On the event day, 79 people came to the venue, MG Cafe. Children and parents/guardians, local residents, and university students gathered and got to know one another over a curry lunch.
"We were able to talk and interact in a way that can build bridges connecting the community, with a focus on children. Rather than make this a one-time event, we hope to keep the cafeteria going and make it better every time."
Mr.Sasaki, a second-year student in International Studies, talking about the future of the project)
This project won the "The Volunteer Fund Student Challenge Award 2017," which supports the independent volunteer activities of Meiji Gakuin University students. The next project is highly anticipated as well.