Jun 26 2018

Disaster Response Training Event Conducted on the Yokohama Campus

On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, disaster response training was carried out on the Yokohama campus.
In this disaster response training event, students took part in practicing the sequence of actions from initial response to evacuation, in case of a disaster emergency. The purpose was to carefully consider the response required if a disaster occurs during the school term.
The event was held on a day without (department) classes, which was set aside for independent activities. About 100 students participated.
This time, the training focused on earthquake response.
An earthquake notification emergency broadcast was the signal for the start of training.
To evacuate students who were in classroom buildings, staff members took action in their respective unit and group formations.
Drills for emergency situations, such as checking the condition of the building and using wheelchairs for the injured or sick, were carried out as well.
Student evacuations were completed at 10:35 a.m. After that, a sampling of emergency food provisions was held in the Building C student cafeteria.
At the sampling event, which also included a true-false quiz on disaster response, participants worked in groups to determine the best way to distribute food and drinks when shortages occur.
Participants on some teams were well acquainted, while members of other teams were meeting for the first time that day.
In the students' natural and easy ways of sharing and showing consideration taking one bite each, using plastic wrap to distribute portions one caught a glimpse of this university's educational philosophy, "Do for Others."
Evacuations proceeded more smoothly in this year's disaster response training than in last year's.
To further streamline the disaster emergency evacuation process, we will determine the points that require improvement and make use of this experience in future training.