Jul 25 2018

The Sports Association Soccer Club Finishes the First Term of the League Tournament in First Place!

The Soccer Club's 9th match, played against Gakushuin University, was held at Hepburn Field on Sunday, June 24, from 15:30. Meiji Gakuin University was at the top of the rankings with 21 points.

The match started with a kick-off by Meiji Gakuin. At 2 minutes from the start, freshman Harakawa (No. 25) headed a ball coming from the right side. A shot by team captain Takahashi hit the bar and came back. At that point Yukutake (No. 10), who had been pressing forward, pushed it in, and Meiji Gakuin was the first to score. 

At 7 minutes, Harakawa made a diving header on a corner kick, capturing point number 2 for Meiji Gakuin.Then at 8 minutes, freshman Nohara (No. 26) headed a cross from the right. It didn't go in, but cries of "Nice shot!" were heard from the stands. At 12 minutes, Gakushuin made a heading error on a cross by Kuroishikawa (No. 9) on the right, resulting in an own goal for Gakushuin.
Thus, at the 12-minute mark, the score was Meiji Gakuin 3 - Gakushuin 0.

At 15 minutes, Toriyabe (No. 21), on the right side, passed to Kuroishikawa; the shot was wide of the right side of the goalmouth.
And at 16 minutes, Toriyabe, who was free in front of the goal, sent it to Yukutake. The shot didn't go in.
Up to this point, the pressure from Gakushuin was weak and Meiji Gakuin continued its offensive. 

With the start of the second half, Gakushuin continued play in front of Meiji Gakuin's goal.
At 8 minutes, Gakushuin began an attack with a corner kick, and Meiji Gakuin countered by taking possession of the ball.
Toriyabe ran through the left side, and Kuroishikawa, in front of the goal, clinched point number 4.
At 12 minutes, Toriyabe used his own technique to cut his way forward in front of the goal, but the shot hit the right post.
At 13 minutes, Gakushuin made a series of small passes in front of Meiji Gakuin's goal, but wasn't able to shoot.
Meanwhile, starting around the 15-minute mark, Meiji Gakuin was increasing its player substitutions.
At 20 minutes, a free kick was given to Meiji Gakuin after a self-judged mistake by Gakushuin's goalkeeper.

The free kick by Tsuchiya (No. 11) missed the goal to the right. At 21 minutes, Tsuchiya got out of the right side and passed to freshman Takada (No. 28), who was free. The shot went into the right corner of the goal--Meiji Gakuin 5, Gakushuin 0.
Meiji Gakuin's fierce attack continues.

At 35 minutes, Tsuchiya made a header on a cross to the center from Yukutake, who'd come out of the left side.
The goalkeeper barely managed to keep it out with a punch. At 31 minutes, Shibata (No. 2) charged into the right side, and Yukutake sent a cross into the left corner of the goal, bringing the score to 6-0 Meiji Gakuin. After that Meiji Gakuin may have lost some of their focus, as two penalty kicks were given to Gakushuin after a Gakushuin player was knocked down by Meiji Gakuin at 34 minutes and Meiji Gakuin's defense committed a hand ball foul at 44 minutes. The match ended with a final score of Meiji Gakuin University 6, Gakushuin University 2. 

For Tokyo's Division 1 League, this was the final match of the first term. Meiji Gakuin University is now in first place with a strong showing of 8 wins and 1 loss (24 points). In 2nd place is Yamanashi Gakuin University (19 points), followed by Nihon University (14 points) and Tokyo Keizai University (13 points).