Aug 27 2018

"1 Day for Others Spring 2018" activity review meeting held

Students who participated in "1 Day for Others Spring 2018" gathered for an activity review meeting held on the Yokohama Campus.

Participating students assembled at the Clara Lounge on the lunch break on Wednesday, August 1.

A bingo game was the catalyst for interaction among participants. Having picked up a card at the reception counter, students meeting for the first time introduced themselves and wrote their partner's name, and the program in which the partner took part, in the blanks on the card.

There are numerous 1 Day programs in various fields and on different days. For the participants, interacting with other students who had taken part in programs that they had not researched or joined themselves was surely a starting point in discovering the appeal of different programs. 

The prizes in the bingo game were items associated with 1 Day participating groups and companies.
Prizes included:
baked goods from the NPO UN Women
SONY mobile batteries
body lotion from The Body Shop

Students who won at bingo also gave a brief comment on their feelings about participating in 1 Day.
For example:
"I had a great time."
"I really felt that I was connecting with society and there was something I could do."
This social service program may be one day long, but comments like these seemed to show that each student had gained something meaningful from their experience. We staff members were very pleased.
Prepaid book purchase cards were also given as thank-you gifts to the support students who served as leaders of each program, coordinating with participating groups and organizing students taking part in the program.
We will be truly happy if new connections are formed among Meiji Gakuin students thanks to the common experience of having participated in 1 Day.

1 Day was launched in 2011 with a total of 23 programs.
Meiji Gakuin's volunteer circle is steadily expanding. 
In the 2018 academic year we are establishing and recruiting members for a new "1 Day Steering Committee," so that students can plan and develop projects themselves.
Together with us, the Volunteer Center staff, you can create an even more exciting 1 Day!
We are also recruiting support students who will serve a core role in each program.