Dec 10 2018

Meiji Gakuin University Establishes 2018 Vision for Internationalization

Meiji Gakuin University has established its 2018 Vision for Internationalization, intended to further the realization of the school’s educational philosophy, “Do for Others.”

“We have established our 2018 Vision for Internationalization: Nurturing Global Citizens,” said university vice president Shigeki Takeo, who oversees the school’s international affairs. “Since its founding, this university has strived to provide an education that deepens students’ intellectual curiosity about the world beyond Japan. Both the social environment surrounding the university and the services demanded of it have changed markedly since the start of the 21st century. Figuring out how to nurture students’ interest in the broader world is one of our greatest challenges. I hope that this vision serves as a starting point for further enriching the university’s educational programs and research.”

Shigeki Takeo, Vice-President