Feb 19 2019

Professor Receives Honorable Mention Award at Conference on Improving Education Through ICT Hosted by the Japan Universities Association for Computer Education

At Meiji Gakuin University, educational reform initiatives such as support for students and other improvements aimed at promoting independent study, as well as the introduction of tools to measure the outcomes of such initiatives and ensure they continue in a regular cycle, are recognized as President’s Projects and supported financially.    

One such President’s Project focuses on developing and implementing MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) with blended-learning-style flipped classes for liberal arts education. The project recently received attention when Associate Professor Sachiyo Sekiguchi, in the Faculty of Letters, was received an honorable mention award at the Improving Education Through ICT Conference hosted by the Japan Universities Association for Computer Education.

Japan Universities Association for Computer Education website:

Associate Professor Sekiguchi provided the following comments regarding the award:
“I am delighted to receive recognition for my presentation on the outcomes of educational reform utilizing ICT in an interdisciplinary class environment aimed at training future workers for a global setting. I try every day to link educational reform and practice to research on the design of learning environments, so I was delighted that my research received encouragement in the form of an honorable mention award. Through the President’s Project, I aim to make a contribution to improving the ability of Meiji Gakuin students to prepare for the global workforce.”

The university plans to continue advancing educational reform through support for this and other President’s Projects.

Overview of the award-winning project, “Developing and Implementing MOOCS with Blended-Learning-Style Flipped Classes for Liberal Arts Education”
Demand is growing for education that meets the needs of a globalized era, for instance by meeting international standards, offering opportunities for international exchange, and promoting world-class research. Within this context, Professor Sekiguchi’s award-winning project puts into practice education that incorporate MOOCs to enable access to learning materials appropriate to the training of global human resources, and blended-learning flipped classes that utilize ICT tools and blend online (independent and in-class) and on-site (in-class) learning.