Apr 24 2019

Students Become the First to Complete Meiji Gakuin University Educational Cooperative Volunteer Certificate Program

Meiji Gakuin University Educational Cooperative Volunteer Certificate Program was launched in the 2016 academic year, to embody Meiji Gakuin University’s philosophy “Do for Others” and enhance volunteer activities and university studies. This year, 12 participants became the first to complete the program.

In this program, participants receive a certificate after carrying out volunteer activities, obtaining credits in designated subjects, and taking an integrated course. The program’s aim is to “foster individuals who will serve as leaders in a harmonious society”—one of the educational principles of Meiji Gakuin University.
While each student had his or her own reason for taking part in the program, in the end they all succeeded in making their university studies “relevant” and enhancing their knowledge and experience through the program’s activities, by discovering the abilities they require and those in which they were lacking, and by gaining a sense of purpose in their university studies. It takes about three years to obtain a completion certificate and the requirements are numerous, so the students who have aimed for that goal have spent a large portion of their time at university engaging with these activities.

On March 22, seven of the participants who completed the program attended a completion certificate awarding ceremony held at the Shirokane Campus.
In his ceremonial address, University President Yasuo Matsubara said, “I know that each student has participated in many volunteer activities, and it is my sincere hope that, instead of keeping this valuable experience to themselves, they use it to help create a better community environment.”

Quite a few of the students who received this recognition are currently seeking post-graduation employment. They say their participation in this program has given them confidence in looking back on their own experience and in reporting on their university activities. The university hopes that many more currently enrolled students will aim to complete this program and build on their university studies and activities.

Program completion certificate awarding ceremony