May 20 2019

Students in the Department of International Business and Overseas Exchange Students Make a Video Showcasing the Charm of Edoya, a Long-lived Company in Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Professor Makoto Kanda (Department of International Business, Faculty of Economics) serves as an advisor to the Steering Committee of Chuo-ku Business School of Long-Lived Company; and through this connection, Meiji Gakuin University, together with the Chuo branch of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has since the 2017 academic year been producing public relations videos that communicate the appeal of long-lived companies to the younger generation and people from overseas. 

In the 2018 academic year, seven students—four students from the Department of International Business, one exchange student from the United States, and two exchange students from France—visited the Odenmacho store of traditional brush maker and retailer Edoya Co., Ltd. (established in 1718). There they filmed and conducted an interview about the longevity and its management. They also edited the video. 

In addition to planning and editing the video, the students made English captions for the purpose of overseas public relations. From the perspective of the younger generation, they present methods and attractive aspects of traditional brush making, the management concepts of the long-lived business, and more.

A student who participated in the project said, “We saw the production process up close and experienced its history. We had the valuable social experience of interviewing the company president in person, and at the same time we gained a sense of the special techniques and business efforts that have continued for over a century. We learned a lot.” 

Since April 10th, the completed video is posted on the YouTube channels of Meiji Gakuin University and the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Be sure to take a look!