Sep 10 2019

Meiji Gakuin students create a logo and slogan to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo!

As part of a collaborative industry-academic project between Meiji Gakuin University and the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo, Meiji Gakuin students created a logo and slogan commemorating the hotel’s 40th anniversary this year (2019).

The themes are “40 years of gratitude” and “living with the area.”
This project was launched in response to a request for a logo and slogan that would transmit a positive message for the future.

Through an open call, 29 logos and 43 slogans were submitted by students. The submissions were screened by a ten-member selection committee that included the Sheraton Miyako Tokyo Hotel’s general manager, Keiji Kitamura (committee chair), and Meiji Gakuin’s vice-president, Shigehiro Nagano (committee vice-chair and Center for Liberal Arts professor). The winning logo and slogan were announced on Wednesday, May 8.

First Prize : Kenta Suga (sophomore, Meiji Gakuin University Faculty of Economics)

Logo concept
I colored the upper part of the “4” in the hotel’s brand color, expressing a link with the next generation; and in the area leading to the lower part of the “0,” I depicted an image of the hotel’s greenery. In addition, the angles in the “4” reflect the urban feeling of Shirokane, while the circle in the “0” conveys an image of the nature areas in the hotel.

First Prize     Mizuki Oda (senior  year, Meiji Gakuin University Faculty of Letters)

Forty years woven by tradition and connection
A space of relaxation spun anew

Slogan concept
In the words “tradition” and “connection,” I included the idea of the legacy carried on by the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo since its opening, and the fact that many people have been connected with the hotel over the course of its 40-year history. The slogan expresses the wish for the hotel’s further development and new encounters with guests.

The logo and slogan appear on the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo website; in its information magazine, “Authentic Time” (July-August issue); in a panel exhibition of photos showing the hotel’s history since its opening; on flyers; and in a commemorative album. In addition, the logo will be used for a seal and card accompanying the sale of baked goods, as well as on pin badges, novelty goods and more.