Sep 10 2019

Thinking about omotenashi - “Hospitality Class & Tourist Information Volunteering”

A “Hospitality Class & Tourist Information Volunteering” event took place on the Shirokane Campus on June 1, 2019.
The event was held in the framework of the Meiji Gakuin Volunteer Center’s one-day social contribution program “1 Day for Others.” Many students participated, including MG Olympic-Paralympic Project Executive Committee members.

In the morning “Hospitality Class,” participants carried out group role plays under the guidance of instructors. Role plays were based on real-life situations, with topics including “shrine visit procedure” and “what to do when taking the train.” In activities that included working together as a class to determine the principles of hospitality, participants thought about and practiced hospitality themselves.

Then they went to the Shinagawa Station area.
In this bustling district, they took part in a tourist information volunteer activity.

“At first I was nervous about going up and speaking to strangers, but in the end I was even able to talk with people from other countries, and that gave me confidence.”
The comments of participants who had completed the activity gave one a sense of the positive results that are achieved by putting learning into practice.

The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming up next year. 
A further increase in tourists is expected; for example, we’re already seeing many people from overseas in the Meiji Gakuin area. We hope each participant in the program will be able to make use of this experience when the occasion arises.