Jan 22 2020

The American Football Club Advances to Kanto’s Division 1 in Its Promotion Game against Tokai University!

The players, managers and fans were all smiles—and tears of joy.
In the American Football Club’s Kanto Division 1 promotion game held on Sunday, December 15, Meiji Gakuin University defeated Tokai University (the 5th-ranked team in the Division 1 Big 8) with a final score of 6-0. As a result, Meiji Gakuin was promoted to Kanto Division 1 for the first time since 1996.

Meiji Gakuin achieved a truly impressive shutout victory over a Kanto Division 1 university.
With the support of the Hoshoninkai (Sponsors Association), free tickets—and pocket hand warmers—were distributed at the game.
It seemed that Meiji Gakuin overwhelmed Tokai University even in terms of the number of fans cheering on the team.

Many thanks to everyone who came and showed their support.
Expectations are high for the American Football Club’s further success, so be sure to stay tuned!