Jan 23 2020

Meiji Gakuin University and Miyagi Prefecture Sign an Agreement for the Support of Students Seeking UIJ Turn Employment

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, Meiji Gakuin University entered into an “Agreement with Miyagi Prefecture Concerning Support for Students Seeking *UIJ Turn Employment.”  Based on this agreement, various types of job-search support will be carried out on an ongoing basis, through the partnership between Miyagi Prefecture and Meiji Gakuin University, for the students actively seeking employment in Miyagi Prefecture.

On the occasion of this agreement, Meiji Gakuin University’s vice president, Shinji Nozawa, paid a courtesy visit to the Miyagi Prefectural Office and had an informal discussion with Shinya Endo, vice-governor of Miyagi Prefecture.

The cooperative support activities carried out by MGU and Miyagi Prefecture are expected to further facilitate the “UIJ turn” job search efforts of Meiji Gakuin students who wish to work in Miyagi Prefecture.

*”UIJ turn” refers to the following migration phenomena in Japan:
U turn: Returning to one’s hometown after moving from a regional area to a large city
I turn: Moving to a regional area other than one’s hometown (usually referring to relocation from an urban to a rural area)
J turn: After relocating from a rural area to a large city, moving to a smaller regional metropolis near one’s birthplace, or returning to and settling in a medium-sized city

Shinya Endo, vice-governor of Miyagi Prefecture (left) and Shinji Nozawa, vice-president of Meiji Gakuin University