Jan 23 2020

Thank You Mei, Mai, and Momiji! Campus Goats Return Home for the Winter

On Wednesday, November 27, the goats that have been helping to keep grass trimmed and weeds under control at the Yokohama Campus returned to Shonan Yaginosato, where they were raised.

The goats, named Mei, Mai, and Momiji, arrived on March 29 and served for about eight months, minus a one-month holiday at Yaginosato over summer vacation. Despite challenges such as Mei suffering an injury that required her to take a break for recuperation, the three goats worked hard to keep the grass in good shape through the end of November.

On November 27, the team’s last day of work, students in the Goats Club bid them a tearful farewell. The goats are important campus figures for many students. “I learned about Meiji Gakuin University thanks to the goats,” one said. “When I’m on my way to class, seeing the goats nibbling grass and weeds relaxes me. It makes me like the Yokohama Campus,” another commented.

The goat grass-trimming project, which began as part of the Yokohama Campus’s efforts to become more sustainable, is scheduled to resume in 2020.