Mar 4 2020

Meigaku Chapel’s Members (MCM) Win an Award in the Bible Video Competition Awards!

A video produced by the Meiji Gakuin student group “Meigaku Chapel’s Members” (MCM) received an award for Best Video in the Japan Bible Society’s 4th Bible Video Clip Competition Awards (results announcement and awards ceremony), held on Monday, January 13, 2020, at Arcadia Ichigaya Shigaku Kaikan. The video was selected from a total of 70 entries based on this year’s theme, “unchanging words for a changing world.”

This was the first time MCM participated in the contest, which aims to convey the Bible’s messages through videos.“We’d like many people inside and outside the university to know about Meigaku’s Christian activities and the spirit behind them!”It was this feeling that inspired MCM’s participation.

Five members of MCM attended the awards ceremony. They were delighted with the outcome, saying,“There were a lot of wonderful videos, so we were really happy that the video we made was so well received!”

Based on the concept of serving as “a bridge between students and the chapel,” MCM’s activities aim to communicate to all students the benefits of a Christian school. With a membership of 30 Meiji Gakuin students, the group provides support for daily church services, and plans and carries out various events.You can see their award-winning video here.

Keep an eye out for MCM’s upcoming activities!