Mar 31 2020

Schedule to start of online classes on April 20 (Mon.)

To All incoming students

The following presents a timeline of tasks for all incoming students to perform until the start of classes on April 20. Please follow this schedule in preparation for the start of classes.

1)April 1 (Wed.)

The University will send you important documents such as your student ID and Rishu-yoko(The Course Registration Guide).

2)April 2 (Thu.)

Course descriptions for each department and Meiji Gakuin University General Education Courses, along with videos of class orientations, will be distributed. (See the UCARO and Port Hepburn portal sites for pages to be viewed by incoming students.) After viewing these, please consider the programs and courses in your major you wish to register for.

3)After April 2 (Thu.)

•Please review all materials you receive from the University. In particular, please read the Rishu-yoko(The Course Registration Guide),Rishu-no-tebiki(The Course Registration Guidebook), and The Course Handbook documents carefully, and watch the videos.
•Considering these materials, please consider how you will plan your schedule.
•Using your MAIN user ID, log in to the Port Hepburn portal site for registered students.
•Please be sure to log in to Port Hepburn and check your personal MG Mail account there at least once per day; this is where you will receive important announcements from yourdepartment.
•For department that perform online testing for English course assignments, please see the included announcement and take the online test.

4)April 2 (Thu.)–17 (Fri.): Consider which courses you will take

•After logging in to Port Hepburn, your schedule on the Kyomu Web system may already include registrations for required and other predetermined courses.
•After confirming what days and times remain available in your schedule, please consider which courses you would like to register for and create a time schedule on paper. When doing this planning, be sure to carefully consult the The Cource Registration Guide, The Course Registration Guidebook, and The Course Handbook documents.
•Example schedules for each department can be viewed in Port Hepburn, so please also refer to them.
•Note that new courses may be added to currently open times in your schedule according to the results of your test for English course assignments (see item 5, below).

5)Around April 13 (Mon.)–15 (Wed.)

•You will be automatically registered for additional courses according to the results of your test for English course assignments. After receiving notification of this in Port Hepburn, please log in to the Kyomu Web system and confirm any courses you were registered for.
•After viewing your registered schedule, consider any necessary corrections to courses you wish to take and accordingly update the schedule you previously created on paper.

6)April 17 (Fri.)–20 (Mon.): Course registration period

Course registration on the Kyomu Web system begins before classes start. Please register for courses according to the schedule you created.

7)April 20 (Mon.): Start of online courses

You will be registered for courses on the manaba learning management system the day after you register for them on the Kyomu Web system. You can access manaba from Port Hepburn. You can see manaba screens even before April 20, so please see how those screens appear for courses you registered for on the Kyomu Web system.

Note: As a rule, online courses will be “on-demand” courses, not live broadcasts. This will allow you to view and review videos at any time, not just scheduled course times. Some courses will have other instructions that should be followed.