Mar 31 2020

Announcement and Requests Regarding the Decision on the Opening Day of Classes for the Spring Semester

■For the attention of new entrants only

Items to be delivered to your home address by post from Wednesday April 1

We will be sending you your student identity card, your ID and password to log onto the university’s portal site (Port Hepburn), the course catalogue, and materials detailing the various events in the university calendar. We will be putting up URLs at Port Hepburn, linking to videos of the president’s welcoming message, guidance for each of the academic departments and class orientation. Please be sure to log onto the site and check the various materials available there.

■For all students

Orientation Events

Please note that we will not be conducting orientation events on campus before classes on Monday, April 20. Students will not be expected to come to campus until Thursday May 7 (the planned date for resumption of on-campus classes) at the earliest. If we need students to come to campus before then, we will let you know through the university website etc.

Regarding Online Classes

These are classes that you can take at home, using your computer, smartphone etc. There is no need to come to campus to take these courses. We are still working on the precise details of online courses. Details of how to take the courses will be announced on the university’s website etc. once they have been decided.

Registering for classes

All you will need to register for courses are your ID and password for Port Hepburn, and a copy of the course catalog. All of these items will be delivered to your home address. The details of selection procedures for classes with limited numbers that require interviews will be announced on Port Hepburn once they have been decided.

Purchase of textbooks

Except for departments or courses for which different instructions are issued, it will not be necessary to come to campus to purchase textbooks.

Changes in the Academic Calendar

The postponement of the start of classes will require changes to the academic calendar. As soon as the details have been announced, they will be announced on the university’s website etc.