Apr 7 2020

Meiji Gakuin University’s Response to the Declaration of a State of Emergency (April 13 Revision)

The state of emergency declared on April 7 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic has prompted the governors of Tokyo and Kanagawa to call for people throughout both prefectures to refrain from leaving home for any purpose that is not essential or urgent. On Friday April 10, a list of facilities requested to temporarily shut down was announced, and universities were included on that list. Basing our actions on the principle of continued compliance with the requests of the authorities and fulfillment of our responsibilities to society, Meiji Gakuin University hereby announces the following measures:

1. All campuses and other university facilities will remain closed for the extended period stated below. This includes closure of all offices.

Wednesday April 8 to Wednesday May 6.

※ On Monday April 20 we will commence online classes.
※ The period of campus and facility closure may be extended if necessary.

2. If you have any questions, please write to the following address: kohofaq@mguad.meijigakuin.ac.jp

※ The working schedules of faculty and staff will differ from usual arrangements, so it may take some time to respond to inquiries.


April 13, 2020
Meiji Gakuin University