Apr 21 2020

An important announcement on the response of Meiji Gakuin University to the novel Coronavirus

To all students at Meiji Gakuin University and their families

The continued spread of the novel coronavirus has caused a national state of emergency. At this very moment, the medical services are struggling to prevent a complete breakdown of the national health system. Normal social life has been suspended and we are all being called upon to spend as much of our time as possible at home. At this very difficult time, Meiji Gakuin University has commenced teaching for the spring semester of academic year 2020 using distance learning via online systems. All our faculty and staff are making their best efforts to ensure that we can provide the same level of education as in normal years, albeit online rather than on campus.

We are aware that both students and their parents face numerous difficulties in continuing their studies. We have therefore decided to take the following measures to help students to pursue their studies as smoothly as possible.

1.As previously stated, we are asking each student to ensure that they have the right equipment and environment to engage in online distance learning. This entails maintaining a good Internet connection, having a computer and the necessary accessories. In order to lighten the costs entailed by even a small amount, the university has decided to disburse ¥50,000 to each student, to be paid from our scholarship fund. (Please await a further announcement as to how this payment will be made.)

2.We are currently working on a program of special scholarships to those students whose families are suffering acute economic hardship as a result of the novel coronavirus, through loss of earnings, sudden unemployment etc. We will promptly announce the details of this program as soon as they have been finalized.

3.The deadline for paying the fees for the spring semester is hereby extended from the last day of April to the last day of May. We may consider further extensions. We apologize to those families who have already paid the fees for our delay in making this announcement.

4.Here at Meiji Gakuin University, our top priority is to provide the same high level of education as in normal years, even though part of it has to be done through online teaching. We see it as our duty to continue our distinctive style of education even while we are unable to meet our students face-to-face on campus. Regarding the tuition fees, along with the building and maintenance charges levied by the university, please understand that these are not simply “prices charged for each educational service,” or “usage fees” for facilities and equipment. At the same time as maintaining educational standards through online teaching until the coronavirus crisis is finally over, we are also doing our best to keep our campuses, facilities and equipment in good condition.
That being so, we are not at this point in time intending to refund or reduce the tuition fees or the charges for facilities and equipment. We humbly ask all of you for your understanding and cooperation on this point.

Some of the measures outlined above may change according to how the situation develops. In that case we will make further announcements on our homepage, so we ask you to continue to check the homepage regularly for further updates.

Last but not least, allow me to remind you that it is of the utmost importance to avoid becoming infected with the novel coronavirus, and to avoid infecting other people in turn. We ask you all to take good care of your health, so that we can all come together to overcome the serious challenge of the novel coronavirus.

Leo Murata,President,
Meiji Gakuin University
April 21, 2020